5 Great Tips How To Escape The Prison Of Negative Thoughts

Being trapped in the prison of negativity is a thing that determines’s one life. Being negative and letting negativity rule our lives always end up badly.

Mostly, it comes to our own decisions and behavioral patterns in life, but often, people are victims of someone else’s energy or the powerful energy shifts of the universe.
Anyway, we are not going to discuss the roots of negativity in humans and all of the principles that lead one person to become negative, but we will share some interesting tips how to free yourself from the prison of negative thinking if you already feel like you can’t stand the negativity anymore.

1. Embrace the negativity.

Negative thinking persuades you into believing that things should be perfect and that you will accomplish flawlessly whatever it is you’re after. The moment things don’t go as planned, the negative thinking tells you, “I told you so”. And you’re left feeling a failure and not being good at anything.
Failures are not designed to stop you, rather they’re only pointers that tell you when things aren’t falling the way they should be. When you shift your perspective about failure, every time it comes up in your mind you’ll no longer see it as working against you.

2. Challenge the negative thinking.

You are a human being and you are very adaptable. We, the humans, can actually make true miracles happen, but all we need is some faith, determination, hard work and positive thoughts.
Try to start thinking positively, even if it’s forced, try to fight back and show some teeth to your negative thoughts. Being in an internal conflict is awfully hard and unpleasant, but the final result will be your inner peace and tranquility.

3. Let go and forgive.

This is a very important, crucial part of the release of negativity. Things from the past, attachments to negative things and mean thoughts, people or events from the past, may also be the root of negativity in the first place.
Letting go and detaching from the past is the first and most important step that you need to take if you want to release yourself from the prison of negative thoughts.

4. Stop playing it small.

Negative thoughts often result in anxiety or some other form of mental exhaustion or burden. However, this is caused by the whole situation of your inner conflicts that’s pulling you back from executing your missions and goals, on daily basis and in the bigger picture too. Try to go for the big things, go for the important projects and put some pressure on you. This time will be useful.

5. Meditate.

Meditation is an ancient technique of keeping the perfect spiritual and physical balance. It seems that through meditation we use our blessing to connect with the higher forms of existence and find our own peace, answers, and power to make a change and find out who we really are. Meditation is definitely the best ‘tool’ to fix negativity.
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