Who Are The People With A Heart Of Gold

People who have a golden heart are truly a blessing to everyone else.

They are the ones who show kindness and compassion to everyone even if they themselves are going through dark times. The major reason for their existence is to show love to those who haven’t been lucky enough to get it for themselves.

Here are the 5 characteristics of people who have a magnanimous heart.

1. They provide love and healing to everyone, regardless of their past.

They do not judge others and don’t hold back their kindness depending on someone’s past. Their compassion and kindness is absolute. The damned and the ruined flock to these people because they know they will not be turned away.

2. Their forgiveness is the stuff of legends.

They are merciful to the extreme and don’t abandon their goodness even when they get exploited. Because their goodness will be exploited by cunning people and they are okay with it. As long as they can stay true to their own nature, they don’t care how others behave even if it affects them directly.

3. They don’t believe in holding grudges.

And even though there will always be those who believe in exploiting these gentle souls, these pure beings will never hold it against them. They will never hold a grudge against any such person because they’d rather spend their energy into healing others who need them still.

4. Neither do they put much stock in vengeance.

Not only will they not change their merciful nature because of malevolent people, they will also forgive and forget them. They don’t care about things like taking revenge, they like to think that everyone has some reasons why they act the way they do.

5. They don’t let anything drag them down.

And no matter how many times these things repeat themselves. How many times they end up getting hurt because of their kindness. And however many times they don’t even get a thank you, much less a proper acknowledgement, they will not stop. They will not let these things affect them and continue to do so what they’ve always done.
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