Everything you need to know about flu treatments

 We all have experienced flu at least once in our lifetime. Actually, it is not a disease but it is a symptom of a number of diseases. It means that flu is a signal for you regarding bad condition in your body. Then, individuals have to consider their health status by visiting a well-qualified physician. Even though this is not a serious medical issue in many times, if it is lasting for many days we have to be careful. We are going to discuss this matter here. Usually, flu is not a symptom coming alone. You may experience tiredness, lethargy or generalised pain along with it. There are so many home remedies for flu including rest and general painkillers such as Paracetamol. The other important thing to do at home is drinking an adequate amount of water. If you still feel discomfort after 48-72 hours of undergoing through home remedies, it is the time to seek for medical advice!

flu treatments

The longer flu duration is a bad signal!

The flu is usually cured after a three to seven days of its attack. If it is more than the three days it is necessary to meet your doctor for further investigations. The medical diagnosis may depend on the physical assessment and clinical findings. Other than that they will ask for blood tests in order to continue further investigations when necessary. It is necessary to question how long does the flu last when suspected for the serious medical conditions such as pneumonia and dengue.

If you are suffering from serious medical conditions such as Chronic kidney disease, cancers, neurological defects or normal physiological changes such as pregnancy or menstruation you have to give extra care for your flu.

In addition to those special occasions mentioned above, there are few important spots that need more consideration. These include flu in children or infants and also younger population. If flu is not responding for usual medications, it is also a spot that needs extra care!

flu treatments

Flu vs the cold symptoms

It is more difficult to differentiate cold symptoms vs flu symptoms. These are moreover same. But, for the experts, it can be differentiated more easily. The cold is most commonly effect with symptoms such as the stuffy and runny nose. You may experience this along with a cough, excessive mucus production and sore throat. However, you will experience those with the flu also. But, the tiredness and general pain are more in flu than the cold. If you are suffering from the flu you may feel weakness in your body along with muscle aches.

However, you will need to seek medical advice for both the condition if it is not cured within three to four days.

flu treatments


If it is not present with other comorbidities, the flu, acute attack of influenza virus is not a serious medical issue. You can control those kinds of attacks with simple home remedies such as adequate hydration, diet and the rest.

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