How to deal with obesity?


Obesity simply means about a state of getting fat or overweight. It is a word most of us are afraid to hear and at the same time, we take efforts in order to get to know this condition better because it is seriously a dangerous condition when you reach the worst part of it. It affects every aspect of peoples’ lives from health to relationships.


What causes of obesity?

Prevention is better than cure! So, it’s better to know what causes obesity rather than getting into this disease and finding treatments after that. The major cause of getting subjected to obesity is eating unhealthy diets with foods high in fats and calories. At the same time not having enough sleep can least to hormonal changes unfortunately which will lead you to feel hungry and go for high-calorie food as a result. People growing older will lead to less muscle mass and a to a slower metabolic rate. This will make it easy to gain weight. Most of the time some people have genetic factors that will make it difficult for them to control their weight.

On the other hand, you must remember, being pregnant and having so much of food will not make you healthy because weight gained during pregnancy can be difficult to lose and may gradually lead to obesity at the end. Not only these situations but also certain medical conditions may also lead to weight gain. Medications birth control pills can also put you at the risk of weight gain remarkably. Be careful when taking medicine!


Types of obesity

We come across multiple classifications of obesity. There are 3 types depending on the area of fat deposition as,

  • Peripheral
  • Central
  • Combination

And then, depending on the association with other diseases there are 2 types as,

  1. Type-1 obesity- The extra intake of calories and lack of physical activity cause type 1 obesity.
  2. Type-2 obesity which is caused by a disease.

Also depending on the size and number of fat cells obesity can be divided in to,


In this only the size of fat cells is increased, it may happen in the middle age.


In this type of obesity, the number of fat cells is increased and it will be difficult to reduce the number of fat cells already made.

Risk diseases of obesity

Obesity will lead to life-threatening complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers, stroke, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, high cholesterol infertility and many more.


How can obesity be treated?

You are truly blessed because this condition can be overcome through medical help. Your family doctor can help you through recommended medications and sometimes you can go for weight loss surgery as well. Your own self can go for dieting plans and better food choices which will really work for the better. You can get support from counseling or support groups which may identify triggers and help you to overcome serious conditions like depression, anxiety, and other emotional eating problems.

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