Steps To Create Your Company Trademark


If you are thinking about trademarking your company’s name, you must first follow some basic steps to receive it as soon as possible.

There is nothing exceptional in restraining from handling the legal issues by themselves. That is why the lawyers in the UAE come to the place. They deal with the registration matters on behalf of their clients. Some people do not like to hire lawyers because they think it would be an expensive way to deal with trademark registration.

For those who want to register your trademark in UAE by themselves should follow these simple steps and they will receive their trademark on time.

  1. Decide your trademark

The first step that will take you to the trademark registration in UAE is making your mark. You must make sure to keep your mark as unique as possible. Determining the character, format, color and o much more is to be done in this step. Keep in mind that your trademark will be used as a source to attract the public. So, you must try to be as smart in it as possible.

If you want to register your company name as a trademark, you will have to choose a unique name with a unique design or a mark. You can add pictures, different fonts and more to customize your mark and you can click here to get a trademark consultation in UAE

  1. Trademark search

The best way to search the trademark before going for trademark registration in UAE is to search the trade name at USPTO’s database. this will help you in finding out whether someone else has the same or similar company name/ mark.

  1. File the application

The trademark application should be prepared and filed accurately. After filing the online application, you have to pay the fee online. The fee will be dependent upon the goods and services you are indulged in.

  1. Review process

After you have filed your application, USPTO’s examiner will begin the process of reviewing the mark. It may also take several months because checking the validity of the mark is the first priority here.

  1. Receive the trademark

After the examiner doesn’t find any objection in your mark, your mark will get approved and will be published in the official journal along with 2 local newspapers.

The main reason behind publishing the trademark in social gazette and in the newspapers, is that the concerned parties may see the trademark and If anyone thinks that their trademark has been infringed, they may file the objection against the mark.

  • If the opposition gets filed, USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) will deal with the matter further.
  • If no opposition appears to come to the ground, the trademark will get registered.

Maintain your trademark

After trademark registration in UAE, you must keep maintenance of your trademark registration. Make sure to keep updated with all the information changes to be on the safest side. Also, do not forget to renew your registration after the required period is over. This will stop others from infringing your trademark.

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