The Truth About Sauvignon: Main Facts About Cabernet Sauvignon Wine


Commonly known, wine is a kind of alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes and juice. However, wine is made from varieties of fruits such as cranberries, plums, and apple. However, still, the main components of wine are grapes, and it is different from grapes you can see in a table.

The primary and traditional method of winemaking is blending. This blending happens after the fermentation and aging process. The sweetness, acidity, and alcohol level come afterward.


California wine manufacturers are famous for their fine and trustworthy process of winemaking. The blending, fermentation, and aging process fall into Cabernet Sauvignon wine, their famous and promising wine of all time. Bringing you closer, let us get to know this particular wine.

From the Region of California

As stated above, this wine is made from California which comes from perfect blending and fermentation of its manufacturer.

Statistics show that California produces around 30 percent of wine than the entire countries of Australia, and 90 percent more wine produces than in the USA. The survey suggests that California is one of the largest wine producing countries in the entire world.

Of all the regions that produce wines, California is the major world’s appellation. California offers a few and unique styles of wine. Some regions allow only one or three types of grapes varietal, but in California, wines are made through a different type of grapes.

Some of the major wine producers in California are Abreu, Adamvs, Alpha Omega, Bressler, Caymus, Chappellet, Dalla Valle, The Debate, and Newton.

The California Red Colored Wine

The usual color of the wine is red, a suitable pair for a romantic ambiance. It has been studied extensively that the red wine with moderate consumption helps drinkers to live longer, protecting them from possible diseases.

Consuming red wine moderately also helps people to improve their mental health which keeps them active to their day to day basis.

Red wine mainly consists of resveratrol which provides numerous health benefits. This component is known to boost heart health and prevents cancer and the possibility of vision loss.

Study shows that this resveratrol found in red wine protects yourself from cardiovascular illness, helps treat acne, and some skin problems.

The Elements Used

The average volume is 750 ml and sells for only $27. Combined with black cherry, licorice, tobacco, gravel, and smoke, this 2015 wine creates its own market name.

The black cherry is one of the main components of a wine. It provides numerous health benefits and protects your cells. Some of its health advantages you could get from this particular wine include:

  • Antioxidant Property- Black cherries contain compounds such as Polyphenols with antioxidant property. This antioxidant in red wine protects yourself, specifically your skin from radical damage that can occur from the excessive exposure of pollution, chemicals, and radiation.
    A study conducted by N.P Seeram suggested that juice found in black cherries can inhibit low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol oxidation.
  • Serves as a Gout Treatment- the inflammation of the joints. It is a type of arthritis where Uric acid crystals form in the joints and the building up of too many acids inside your body.
  • Contains Serotonin- Serotonin is an agent for sleep. Black cherries produce this element which provides health benefits for sleep.

In a September 2010 study, the wine in Spain, Italy, and other biggest wine producers, proved that the Serotonin found in Cabernet Sauvignon Estate give drinkers positive effect on sleep.

Vintage Type of Wine

When the grapes are harvested and undergo into the fermentation process, the wine is now called vintage. This vintage wine can greatly the quality and taste of a particular wine. The leading factor why this vintage affects the wine is the weather. Throughout the growing season, the weather affects the wines, making the fermented wine tastier and this is how Cabernet Sauvignon plays.

Generally, the specific days where grapes will reach its full potential is the sunny season. Sun allows the grapes to reach its optimum ripeness which is the main component of producing high-quality wines.

If there is so much rain in a region, the grapes will not fully ripen, giving you a bad quality wine. When the region is too hot, let’s say that the temperature is 92 degrees Fahrenheit, the grapes will become raisinated, giving the wine a bitter taste.


There are important things that you should know about wine before tasting one. Some of those are their components used, where it came from, the volume level, and what kind of wine it is.

Remember to pay attention to what you are drinking before trusting the whole wine. Make those observations to be for your own good. There is still a proper etiquette in drinking and one of those is know the wine, the basic information including its label.

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