What are chakras? -Everything you need to know!


First and foremost what are chakras?  It is a kind of energy found or emanating from our bodies.  We should learn how to cultivate it for our own emotional well being. It is a sort of healing or a meditative state.  First of all, you have to get to know the 7 Chakras to enhance your life.

There are 7  Chakras in our body’s which is a certain kind of energy which begins at the top of our head and ends at the bottom of the spine.  These chakras work in all parts of our body, telling us what to do, in our emotions and behavior and in fighting immune diseases.

These chakras should be kept aligned and open.  Leaving chakras closed , means blocking  out these chakras which impacts our negativity in our health and well being.

Once you get a hang of each and every chakra in your body, you know, which one should be opened and know your exact ailment and pinpoint the blockages.  You will be calm and be able to solve your problems before it can escalate to a major problem.

You should be able to locate your chakras!

The chakra at the bottom of your spine is known as the ROOT chakra.  The colour for this chakra is Red and it’s element is earth.  If the Root is blocked  this is where you will feel frightened, anxious or unstable,  panic and make your life miserable and desperate.  You have worries, and problems sky high because of this root blockage  and unnecessary stress, and you don’t know what to do or who to turn to.   You can’t concentrate on anything this  is where you feel lower back pain because of your worries and fears.

Sacral chakra

The second chakra is called the  Sacral chakra it’s element is water and the colour orange. This one is located in the middle of your stomach   knowing this chakra is good or it will be a menace  and wreck your life by doing things that you don’t want done.  If this chakra gets blocked you start feeling cramps in your  abdomen  a burning sensation in the urinary tract and other infections is bound to crop up.  You will tend to go bersek and shop till you drop!!  Engage in gambling activities  which are all associated to the Sacral chakra.

Solar Manipura chakra

The third chakra is the Solar Manipura chakra .  This is located around the stomach area at the top.  The colour is yellow and the element given for this chakra is fire.  Blockages around this means you have emotional  issues.  You lack confidence in what you do –  you don’t feel social and feel insecure in crowds and people.  This chakra can be associated with memory loss and digestive problems.

What are chakras

Anghata chakra

The fourth chakra is related to your heart.  This is called the Anghata chakra.  Its color is the lovely green and its element is air yes the pure air which is given to us free.  When you are happy and content you are well balanced.  You feel like a million bucks, your mind is free of all stress and strain. You want to help others, you are at peace with yourself and in good harmony.  But if this chakra gets  clogged then you are bound to feel sad and grief-stricken and then starts the trouble of your peace and harmony going to pieces !! !!   This chakra is situated directly above your heart.  Unblock it and be kind to others and self or else you will feel angry, broken, feel anger towards the world and you.  You will be prone to blood pressure and heart disease if this not unblocked.

The fifth chakra

The Throat  is our fifth chakra –  and is located right in the middle of your throat !

Its element is Ether and color, blue!

Oh, it reminds us of blue skies on a clear sunny green day !

You know sometimes you find it difficult to speak to people.  You become secretive and don’t trust people, you feel they don’t care for you.  This is a blockage that you will have to unblock  and channel into the correct path if you are going to live happily, if not it will be one  real pain in  the neck !!   Seriously out of jokes,. You can get pains in the neck area, and throat problems.

Sixth sense Chakra

Ha!! My favorite is the Sixth sense Chakra called the third eye…  This chakra represents  extra preception and the colour is indego.  The chakra Anja  is very powerful.  It gives you that sixth sense of warning and knowing what is about to happen or you have that knack of knowing that it’s going to be good or bad which is why the the third eye is important and located on your brow.  The powerful self knowledge of knowing about the universe and about life itself.  You have that intution of knowing what is right and wrong and here you can strive or reach for the Stars.  So cultivate that third eye chakra.  It’s very useful and beneficial.

Now; if this third eye is blocked you will experience and feel listless in doing anything .  You  have the ability to reach for that shinning star.  Your dreams will shatter.  Your goals will be lost.  You feel unable to make the right decisions and your mind is frozen and may spend lots of sleepless nights if this chakra is blocked.

Let it go breath and let go…

Crown chakra

The final and last chakra which is the Crown on top of your beautiful head!! It is called the Crown chakra.  The highest element of the chakra family.  Its element is  “thought”.  And the colour violet.  This is where all the peace and  spirituality and love come from the crown of your topmost citadel!!

If all is well upstairs! That is your crown  you are at peace and nothing can put you down.  You see life as pure, clear and beautiful  may be it’s those glasses you are wearing !!!   But seriously, this crown chakra is something to be considered carefully and cultivated correctly and free it from any blockages of negativity, hopelessness, and prevent you from getting into that deep black hole which Alice fell into!  You all know what I’m talking about – if you have read Alice in Wonderland !!!

What are chakras

So are these Chakras for real?

We have no clue at all.  May be if you really believe in these energies which surround us .  It is up to one to cultivate these sources of energy and channel it through the correct paths so that we may really experience and cultivate it for our well being and peace of mind.

There are many online chakra tests or quizs you can do if you just browse through the net.   Doing one of these test will reveal your level of either having your chakras blocked or free of all blockages with good vibes.  Just answer the questions truthfully and see your result at the end of the page.  If your percentage and score is high then your chakras are very good.  If low then it’s time you unblocked them and channelled them  onto the correct paths and improve your chakra techniques.

The beautiful gems on your necklaces and bracelets and what it means.

The Gemstone for the Root Chakra.

This stone is a Ruby red garnet stone good in wiping off the blues and protect you against your vile temper ( if you have one! ) Over reaction to dramas and events .

The Gemstone for Sacral Chakra.

This stone is orange calcite or Tigers eye or sunstone.  Used for healing powers chasing away frustrations and depression.  Using these stones for these purposes can give you power and energy swing up your mood and feel good and ready to take on the world.

The Gemstone for the Solar  Plexus Chakra

Using yellow Jasper gems is key to your feeling powerful  and gaining more control of your life.

The gemstone for  the heart Chakra

The Rose quartz  is the key to open up your heart  to peace and happiness , fruitful relationships and feelings of love and harmony.

What are chakras

The Gemstone for The Throat chakra

The Aquamarine or blue Apatite stone will help you in good communication problems , Express yourself  or enable you to face life without fear of being thinking of yourself as a failure in life.  Understanding and being patient with others and avoid unnecessary arguments.

The Third eye gemstone

Indego colour gems for the throat chakra  will give wisdom, patience and knowledge .  The third eye chakra will be your seeing eye in things you don’t see and feel sure about.  Using these stones to channel your intiution of good vibes then these gems are for your chakra.

What are chakras

The Crown Chakra and it’s gemstone.

Again we use the lovely shining Amethyst and moonstone to keep your crown’s citadel in balance .  This is your clear pathway to enlightenment clear of all garbage in your head.

Chakra Healing

It is good to wear these healing Gemstones in some form of jewelry.  They will cleanse   your body and mind  and give you renewed energy.  All these Gemstones

Are in someway associated to the 7 chakras and  will bring healing to your body mind and soul.  Now go get yourself some gems for those chakras !!!

What are chakras

Are Chakras real ?

Whether chakras are real or not it is up to you to believe in them.  Believe in all the power and energies that surround us .  We must make use of them and channel it in to our inner being to bring out the positive energy in Harmony and spiritual peace of mind.  Opening and unblocking these pathways to these 7 chakras can bring peace of mind to your heart soul and mind thus eliminating all bad and evil  and wanting in life.  If you have faith and hope you can believe in the positive and amazing energy of these seven chakras.  So go ahead and practice these techniques of the 7 Chakras.

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