Top 5 handy tools every new homeowner should own

 All the joys of owning a house of your own ends when you have to fix something! Not all want to get their work done by others. Some love to get their work done by themselves. So, we brought our best five picks for the handy tools that any homeowner should definitely have. There are things that a newbie at a home alone should have as well as should not. And clever of you to search the internet to find what you will need.
Claw hammer
Manual screwdriver set
Cordless drill
Allen wrench set
There is nothing frustrating than trying to get something done without the right equipment. The list below will walk you through almost all of your basic requirements…There is not a single person who does not own a hammer in their household. The hammerhead has two sides like one with a V-shaped cut and the other with a thick flat round surface. The flat side is for pounding. The V-shaped part is to remove any nails. It is easier to both fix and removes nails with a claw hammer.
When buying a hammer makes sure you consider the material that the grip is made of. You do not need a hammer that is not hard. Because they make vibrations when pounded, and believe me those are very inconvenient and unsafe too.This is the handiest of them all and the simplest too. Removing or tightening is made easier with these small companions.
Make sure that you select a set rather than a single tool. Because there are screws with different shapes and sizes. A set is the most convenient to deal with all day – to – day requirements. Try to buy a set build with good material.If you were to ask me this is what I use the most. Every time I need to fix something heavy or simply drill a hole, I use this.
I just love how easy this piece of the tool makes my life.
But it really needs to be cordless. Why? That is because if not, you will have to go in search for socket outlets and extension cords. These are risky as well as troublesome. A battery powered drill in the other hand is handy and safe.
A few instances where you might need this is, when you need to fix the television wall studs or when you need to drill the door knobs or to fix a wall socket.Well, you are going to need both a needle – nosed and a tongue – and – groove pliers set. They both come in handy when you are working on that drainage system and many more.
The needle – nose pliers are used to bending and gripping nails and wires that are too tight to be done. And definitely too sophisticated for other larger tools.
The tongue – and – groove pliers are used to fasten and crimp. This is what you will need to fix that broken pipe and stuff.The Allen wrench is that small L – shaped wrench you use to drive hexagonal socket bolts and screws. The set usually comes with different head sizes, hence all you have to do is find the one that matches your requirement. These are best to be used to drive screws where a screwdriver cannot reach. It is both easy to use and does not need much force to function.
Most of the furniture sets come with these hexagonal socket buddies. Hence, this would be one of the necessities when setting up your house.

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