THIS Is The Single Biggest Regret People Have In Their Lives

To some extent or another we all have them. Regrets riddle everyone's past with a thoroughness only hindsight would think fair.

Sometimes we can swallow the negativity and learn a hard truth in earnest. More commonly we find ourselves never truly acknowledging the breadth of the past scenario.

To do so would mean to admit the simple root of almost all regrets: a lack of sincere action and effort.

It's so easy to say, 'I'll try harder next time', 'I'll travel after I save more money', or 'It probably wouldn't have worked out anyway.' This 'easy path' will eat up our precious time before we know it, and leave us with unfurnished dreams and tame versions of our once robust dreams.

Not chasing our desires, living in fractions instead of multiples, trading comfort and stability for the thrills of hard won experience and fulfillment; this is how dreams get differed and regrets are given room to fester. 

Spend less time rationalizing and justifying.

The most profound and immediately helpful thing you can do is remove the burden of being or desiring perfection. The idea of a 'perfect person' is broadly described and a constantly shifting idea. Even you ever caught it, it would only be for a glance. Not enough of an experience to feel emotionally fulfilled. You would regret all the time and sacrifices, for not even a full embrace with our goal.

We can't shield ourselves from our fears or possibilities. Have faith in your ability to grow and maneuver through life. The more we focus on our fears the more likely they are to manifest. Focus on nurturing positive and a diverse set of skills for dealing with stress, life, death and any other occurrence you feel you might encounter.
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