5 Things You Need To Let Go Of To Get Ahead

In order to get ahead in life, we have to lose the expectation that we must be perfect at all times. No one is perfect. It's an unfair expectation to have of yourself and one that will not serve you in any way.
2. Lies
Sometimes we live lies. It's just what happens. We want so badly to be what society expects us to be. The drive to keep those around us happy is a strong one. But you can't live a lie and get ahead. You have to live out loud and proud. Be who you are. Judgement be damned.

3. Mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes. It's cliche but it's true. We can't let those mistakes weigh on us though. When we don't let go of our mistakes, we can't live life as fully as we like. We all have regrets. It's important to leave behind the mistakes.

4. Excuses.

Excuses are like butts. We all got one. But unlike our butts, we need to leave our excuses behind. Hey, get it? Behind? Hah. Anyway, excuses actually don't help us grow at all. They keep us tethered to the people we once were, not the best version of ourselves we can be.

5. Regrets.

We all think about what could have been, but in order to move forward, we have to let go of our past regrets. It's important to learn and simply move on.
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