6 Toxic Thoughts That Are Ruining Your Life

1. It's someone else's fault.

This is the worst toxic thought you can have - the need to blame others is strong because you yourself don't want to be blamed for your faults. But guess what, you've got fault. Embrace them. Let them make you a better person.

2. Life isn't fair.

God, I hate hearing this toxic thought because no shit, Sherlock. Of course life isn't fair. At what point has life seemed anywhere near fair? In this life, life isn't fair and your chances aren't always good. You need to accept this.
And hey, look on the bright side, if you're on your phone or computer reading this right now, you're doing better than most people in the world.

3. I'm not privileged.

Shut up. Yes you are. You're privileged as hell.

4. Live life like there's no tomorrow.

No way. Absolutely live life like there is a tomorrow. Save. Be cautious. Take limited risks. Plan for your future. People who live life like there's no tomorrow tend not to have retirement set aside for themselves.

5. If I only had the money...

I don't want to hear "if only." Instead, let's hear you ask how you're going to get the money. Let's hear how you're going to make the contacts. Is it going to be done through hard work and networking, or sitting around wishing you had more money?

6. It's impossible.

Yeah, with that attitude it is. We used to think it was impossible to fly, or travel to other planets, or have a phone that you could walk around with in your pocket. But dreamers made it all possible. Be a dreamer. Be a hard worker. Make impossibilities possible.
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