Utilize this plan to feel less stressed.

When we are faced with uncertainty in life, the only security we can ever have is knowing that we are capable of and strong for living a successful life in the face of insecurity and uncertainty. That no matter what card we are dealt in life, we are still capable of succeeding and being just fine.

We all go through phases in life where we don’t think we can take on anymore; when change after change just keeps coming into our lives where we don’t know whether to try to go with what we know or just give up entirely. The reality is, most of our lives have uncertainty in them. Our days start and end with some sort of uncertainty.
In order to deal with it, we need to embrace the anxiousness, and the uncertainty in life, by utilizing these seven tips:

1. Replace expectations with plans

When you form expectations, you are automatically setting yourself up for disappointment. Make sure you have plans so that you have a game plan, but know that you can’t control the exact outcome. By preparing yourself, you can handle the worst-case scenario. Focus on what you want to do to create the ideal experience for yourself.

2. Prepare for different possibilities

Just like what was mentioned above, realize that you can’t be in control of the situation and life serves up inevitable changes that bring about different possibilities.

3. Become a feeling observer

Realize that speculation of something can lead to positive thinking. Although you can’t predict exact outcomes, you can foster positive feelings about the possibilities in the future.

4. Get confident about your coping and adapting skills

When you are prepared to handle the worst case, you can better set yourself up for a bounce-back and bring yourself back on track to success. When life throws you those unexpected curve balls, make sure you have taken the necessary steps to prepare yourself to make the future seem a little less daunting.

5. Utilize stress reduction techniques preemptively

If you are anxious and are dealing with uncertainty, you probably have a lot of stress. Recognize those triggers and those initial feelings of stress so that you are able to immediately calm yourself down and find your center.

6. Focus on what you can control

When we try to control the bigger picture, even though we can’t, we miss out on the little opportunities to make our lives easier that we can control. Realize that there are things in life over which you do have complete control, like your attitude and how you respond to the situation, that can have the same impact as if you have control over it.

7. Practice mindfulness

By practicing mindfulness, you are focusing on the present rather than trying to change the past or obsessing over what the future might be. Both are completely out of your control so allow yourself to fully experience what is going on in the present moment.
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