Choose to not engage in these battles and you will find more success.

Do you sometimes feel like you go through life full of angst and are seeking desperately to release it? This often follows times when you feel misunderstood in relationships you have with others and you start to pick fights that you later feel were unnecessary. You find out that you need to just let it go after you’ve gone through a mini-emotional breakdown.

Rather than tiring yourself out and picking fights with people that you don’t really want to fight with, you need to fully defuse any stress that you have in other ways. Rather than fighting your way through life, realize that whatever you are worrying about or over-analyzing is just simply not worth it.

You do things and finish them because you are capable, not because you chose to fight it through.

By choosing to not create drama where it doesn’t need to occur, you realize that life is about the good times instead of a series of conflicts and crises. It is okay to let go of a need for control and realize that whatever happens will be okay.

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