7 Things Everyone Deserves In A Relationship

They say you can't count on anything or anyone for jack. These people were very cynical and upset when they said that. After a hug and some Nutella they changed their pitch.
You have some rights in this world, but it's on you to enforce them. You deserve love and the right to explore what that means for you. As you tinker with a relationship, keep these facts on a Post It, in the forefront of your mind. 

1. Passion And Intimacy

A healthy relationship has high levels of passion and intense moments of intimacy. You both have to be able to communicate safe boundaries of sexual identity and desire. There has to be trust and a mutual want to explore each other's potential. 

2. Unconditional Love

The love the two of you share has no price tag. You love each other regardless of any external element. You have a right to be loved for who you are. Not who you might be, or who you have been.

3. Mutual Respect And Trust

The respect for each other isn't based off money made or how often their autograph is requested. The respect is based off the dedication to one another and the strength of character it takes to be 100% open and honest. Trust is created as we share deep parts of ourselves and receive nurturing appreciation. You deserve someone who you can trust and respects you, even in your lowest moments.

4. Adventures And Valuable Moments

You have the right to be adventurous and spontaneous. To explore the horizon of the city as well as of our hearts. In those adventures, you have the right to have and cherish moments of bonding and live. 

5. Laughter And Joy

You deserve someone who can make you laugh. Someone who gets your jokes and builds on them. A person who is down with pet names and inside jokes. Inside jokes are the perfect perfect shield to put up around the two of you, in unsure locales.

6. Safety And Security

It's one thing to trust and appreciate someone and another to build up a sense of protection. You deserve the fruit that springs from the hard work of trust and appreciation. When we feel secure and well looked after, we can expand to our fullest potential and vibrate at our craziest frequency.

7 Happiness

You deserve to be happy. That's what all this is supposed to be for, us to be happy. Do what you need to do/ Seek what you want to find and do it all because it makes you happy. You deserve not only that much but the pleasure of sharing it with someone.
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