If Your Partner Does Any Of These 6 Things, Your Relationship Isn't Going To Last

Relationships are tricky. Even with the best laid plans and good intentions they can fail. Taking two unique wavelengths and beings and trying to harmonize their interactions takes a lot. In our attempts to 'make it work' we can overlook important qualities.
Everyone deals with, expresses and prioritizes their emotions. In the midst of a relationship there will be multitudes of emotional content. In all that energy there can easily be misinterpretations.
If any of the below patterns of behavior or thought are happening in your relationship you need to think very seriously on how you should proceed. If it all.

Thinking It Won't Last

You are allowed to have doubts but if you let your insecurities and doubts rule your intentions for the future, you won't likely have a future. Relationships thrive off faith.
If you have no faith in your relationship or any aspect of your relationship, you need to communicate that with your partner. Together you can work on a solution. Don't hesitate to talk to your partner about anything. Don't secretly 'test' them.

Always Playing Games

If something is wrong, TALK to your partner. Don't expect them to read your mind or have to translate your misdirected actions.
Using your communication as an obstacle to test your partner is not fair and can permanently damage your relationship. Life will test your connection enough, you don't need to to initially stress or test your relationship.

Thinking Love Is Enough

Love is just part of the connection. Trust, communication, expressed appreciation, and respect are necessary components. You have to like your partner. You have to feel comfortable around them.
You both need the freedom and mutual support to express yourselves and grow together.

Being Jealous All The Time

Putting your partner on a pedestal puts them away from you. If you can't trust a person you shouldn't be in a relationship. Healthy bonds are not centered around insecurities and emotional baggage.
If your partner can't get around their mistrust or jealousy then you need to get away. Fast and immediately.

Settling For Less Than What You Want

Compromise will have to happen to make your lives fit together. Compromise is not a fancy way to exploit each other. Sacrifices have to be explained and agreed on. There has to be balance of power and influence.
If your needs are not being met then you need to do what is necessary to be happy. Love should not be a force that slows you down or hurts you. Beware the person that tries to use you under the guise of love.

Being Dependent On Your Partner

Love should empower you, and there is always a way to love someone in such a way as they feel free and independent. You should always support the one you love but their world should collapse without you.
The above illustrations may or may not fit to every relationships, but still you can contemplate upon.
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