8 Simple Reminders For When You Feel Broken

Here are eight little reminders you can tell yourself the next time you feel as if you have run out of any kind of motivation.

1. It’s Easy!

A good reminder for when you are low on motivation is to remember that the little things are easy to do and take almost no time at all. Think of all the minor things that you wanted to do but never got around to it because you didn’t have the extra two minutes it would’ve taken to fold your laundry.
You can re-motivate yourself by doing some of the littler things that are much easier to tackle first. If it’s a much bigger task, go at your own pace and take it on little bit by little bit!

2. Meaningful Exhaustion

Don’t you love having the kind of meaningful exhaustion you get when you’ve been out doing something all day? It feels like it’s a good kind of tired that we feel when we want to pass out and wake up to do it all over it again.
It’s important to remind yourself that you are exactly what you plan on doing today and you are not the things that you are going to do someday. Even if you need to get into exercise, then that’s a pretty big step-up!

3. Worry Isn’t Well

It is not wise for you to be wallowing around all day with your worry about the things that you are unable to change or do. Instead of worrying so much, think of the things that you could be doing to help or solve the problem instead.
You are your only limit and you should not put unnecessary stresses on your life. Take the time to console your worry, remind yourself that you are only human and that it is okay to go at your own pace.

4. Repetition Is The Key To Balance

Repeating exercise routines, going on walks, and or finding something that requires you to do it, then repeating the process over and over can really motivate you back to some of the old things you use to love and enjoy.
It’s important to remind yourself that each day you wake up in is going to require some form of repetition. Through this, you will achieve a balance within yourself, knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

5. Stray From Negative People

If you find yourself being surrounded by numerous negative people, then remove yourself from their existence entirely. You do not need to have constant negativity in your life and would be tremendously better without it.
Negative people have only the cruelest of intentions with very misguided and selfish gestures. You will find yourself lacking even more motivation if you decide to continue to be around people who want nothing more than to bring you down.

6. Acceptance

Another important thing to remind yourself when you are lacking motivation is that you must be willing to accept the things that you will never be able to change.
This includes the things about yourself, the things about other people, and the things about our planet. There are some certain things that none of us are ever going to be able to control and that is more than okay to admit that to yourself. You are only human after all.

7. There Is Always A Choice

You have the option to either be extremely positive and view the world as such or you can choose to be negative, finding various reasons why you shouldn’t go on anymore, give up all hope on the things that you’ve never finished or wanted to do.
Remind yourself that it is a choice to be this way, and that you will always be able to change your mind on the way you feel. If you no longer want to be sad, realize that you are the only person stopping yourself from being happy.

8. Let Yourself Cope

Life will always be throwing adversity at you, the best thing you can do about it is just to cope with it. Some people do not know how to cope well with their emotions and often times lash out in extreme ways that they regret later on.
Do not allow yourself to lash out, remind yourself that things are as they should be, the world will continue moving forward from this day on, and that you will be okay even though it hurts a lot right now.
Hopefully this has helped you reclaim some of your motivation for day to day life!
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