9 Simple Habits That Make You More Attractive (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

What makes a person attractive? It's more than natural good looks or fashion sense.
It comes down to how confident, positive and productive you are, and how well you express these qualities. A genuine smile can light up a room and easily compensate for an ugly t-shirt.

1. Live In The Now

A recent study, showed that women found men that were more mindful more attractive. Mindfulness is the awareness and use of everything possible and present. It shows focus and emotional balance.

2. Never Under Estimate The Importance Of Sleep

It's easy to stay up late, and neglect our sleep, especially when we are young. Sleep is important for our health and appearance. It is noticeable when a person is fatigued and they don't look their best. More than that, we aren't as responsive or able to genuinely express ourselves. This where all beauty stems from, the individual expression of our genuine self.

3. Know And Enforce Your Self Worth

It isn't enough to know our true self worth, you have to actively bolster and acknowledge it. This knowledge sets the bar for our actions, intentions and attitudes. Without strong, positive expressions even designer clothes will seem dull and ugly. Confidence can make everything beautiful and distinctive!

4. Treat Friendships Like The Priorities They Are

The people we chose to have in our lives are treasures. We have to work at some level or another, to keep them in our life. Make sure it is a labor of love and they know it! This way you surround yourself with positivity and compassion.

5. Enjoy The Simple Things

It's cliché, but good advice: stop and smell the roses! Our lives are made up of many small moments. If we only enjoy the grand ones and acknowledge the negative, we are alienating many opportunities for growth and pleasure. The more we enjoy life the more sincere our smile is, and everyone looks best when they are smiling.

6. Forgive, Learn, And Move On

Mistakes happen and we are made to suffer at times. How we handle ourselves and move on, dictates our character. Jealousy, envy and fear are traits that age people and do not inspire beauty. If we learn our lessons well and forgive wholeheartedly, the compassion and emotional depth in your eyes will bewilder anyone.

7. Good Food Is Key

Food powers and determines the health of our body. If we eat well, our bodies will reflect this. Firm skin, strong muscles, bouncy hair and high energies are all advents of beauty and health. Well made, healthy food, makes anyone feel like a million bucks! The better you feel, you better you look.

8. Always Make Room For Down Time/Recreation

If we work and labor, without breaks or time to unwind, our health and happiness suffer greatly. It is important to rest as seriously as we work, or else we get weary and burn out. Instead of being irritable and short tempered, take the time to rest up, ensuring positivity and awareness.

9. Stay Active

You don't have to become a gym rat to stay active and healthy. Find a hobby or sport you like. I love yoga and rock climbing personally, and when I do these activities, I can spend hours doing them. They are labors of love, so it's easy for me to make time for it. Even just walking around your neighborhood or park, can be enough to get the blood circulating and productive hormones released. 
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