6 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body In Just 4 Weeks

No need to drag yourself to the gym or join any crazy exercise classes, achieve a healthier, happier body without leaving the house!

Before you get started, learn why exercise is key to daily health.

Why is exercise crucial?

Exercise doesn’t only help you burn fat, according to the Harvard Medical School; ‘Regular exercise conditions the lungs, heart, and blood vessels, enabling them to deliver oxygen to muscle cells more quickly and efficiently.’ Many studies have shown that exercise can also improve serious health problems, according to Dr. Lander, exercise can help ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
However, the benefits of exercise are not only limited to physical welfare but also mental; improving mood, decreasing depression and battling anxiety- try these exercises to fight anxiety. By doing the listed exercises and following the weekly guide you’re guaranteed to get the body you want in no time!

Core Exercises

This section will focus on strengthening your core, concentrating on exercising your abdominal muscles!

Basic Abdominal Exercises

Start by lying on your back and stretching your arms behind your head, raise your right leg (keep it bent at the knee) and reach with the opposite, left, arm to touch your knee.
Variation: You can vary this exercise by raising your upper body slightly off the floor.
Another basic exercise involves doing different styles of crunches. Remain on your back with your legs raised in the air (knees still bent) and this time raise your upper body slightly off the floor. Place your arms behind your head and twist your left side whilst pulling your right leg closer to your head. Your left elbow should touch your right knee. Repeat with the other side.  Note that your legs should ALWAYS be off the ground.
Variation: Slow it down or hold your body off the ground, legs almost straight and arms out in front.

The Plank

Working on your core has never been easier! The plank works all of the abdominals and you can do it anywhere from the kitchen floor to the office. Simply lie down flat on your stomach and position your elbows so they are underneath you, push up with your toes. Your elbows should be positioned straight down from your shoulders and your back should be straight. Make sure you tuck your buttocks in to create a straight line from heels to shoulders so that the exercise works as proficiently as possible.
Variation:Try these different versions of the plank to really get those abdominals working!

Upper Body Exercise

This exercise focuses on these different muscles!

Push Ups

This exercise transitions excellently from the standard plank. Remain in position, raised off the ground and using your arm, bending the elbows, lower yourself almost to the ground. Push back up and repeat.
Variation: if a standard push-up is too strenuous and you find yourself struggling to do even one (like me!) then try doing them with knees on the ground and ankles crossed.

Lower Body Exercises

These exercises focus on working the muscles in your legs, squats specifically target these muscles.

Buttock Exercises

Position yourself on all fours, hands placed directly below or just in front of the shoulder line. Take your left leg and stretch it out backward and upwards above your body, as high as you can go. In a smooth motion, slowly pull your leg back down and up to your chest. Repeat this with your right leg.
Variation: try lifting your opposite off the ground and reach out in front of you, then lift opposite leg off ground and stretch out behind you, hold. This is a great yoga (yoga has manybenefits!) move and helps strengthen core muscles.


Position yourself in a standing position with feet placed in line with your shoulders. Find your balance and slowly bend your legs at the knees, arms positioned straight out in front of you. Lower yourself into an almost sitting position- make sure your back is as straight as possible at all times! From the sitting position, push yourself back up to standing and repeat.
Variations: If you’re an avid squatter and don’t feel the rewards as much as you would like then try squatting whilst holding a weight- or even a couple of cans of beans!

The 4 Week Plan!

This four week plan is split into two parts, the first week contains all of the exercises mentioned above in shorter hurts whilst the second section is the different exercises in longer bursts for more high-intensity training.
Remember to stretch! Find out here why stretching is key in maintaining our strength and preventing injuries.

Week One

  • Stretch!
  • 4 Minutes of Core Exercises- 2 Minute general abs and 2 minute plank
  • 1 Minutes of Upper Body- Push Ups
  • 4 Minutes of Lower Body Exercises-  2 minutes of squats and two minutes of buttock exercises
Take a 20 second break after each different category of exercises (core, upper body and lower body).

Week Two

Week two involves alternating between two different sets of exercises each day.
Set One
  • Stretch!
  • 3 minute basic abs
  • 3 minute plank
  • 3 minute push ups
Set Two
  • You know what to do- stretch!
  • 3 minute squats
  • 3 minute buttock exercises
  • 3 minute buttock or squat variation exercise.

Week Three

Repeat exercises from week one! If you have a spare five minutes then add a minute onto each exercise regime for even better results!

Week Four

Repeat exercises from week two and if you have a spare three minutes and an extra minute onto each exercise!
By doing a mere ten minutes of exercise six days a week for four weeks (without leaving your house!), you’re not only going to see great changes to your physical self but also feel amazing too!
source and courtesy: theheartysoul.com
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