Pick A Shell And Discover What It Reveals About You

Take a good look at the three shells above. Which one are you most attracted to?
Don't second guess your decision. Go with your gut!

Shell #1.

Look at this shell for a moment. What do you see? It's a little non-descript, but it does have big spikes pointing out of it. Yet the inside is smooth. Do you see what I'm getting at?

This shell indicates that you've likely weathered some serious storms in your life and are better for it now. The things in your life may have scarred you on the outside and you may have a tough outer shell, but you're still beautiful on the inside.

Shell #2

This shell is rugged, yet fairly symmetrical and easy on the eyes. It's smoother on the outside than the shell above, but it still has rough ridges that protect the inhabitant inside. This shell is all about balance.

Everything needs to be right in the world for you. Keep things simple and balanced. Try not to overextend yourself or bite off more than you can chew. You might have a tough shell, but it isn't impenetrable.

Shell #3

This shell is downright beautiful. It's a creamy, pearly white color, perfectly smooth and intact, and definitely easy on the eyes. But look in the center! Those are some sharp teeth-looking parts. It's almost like you're saying "Look, but stay away from my insides."

If this was your shell, it may mean that it's time to let go of some stuff that's holding you back and let people closer to your insides.

source and courtesy: higherperspectives.com
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