Reveal Your True Nature With This 3 Question Tibetan Test

This Tibetan test is a personality test unlike any other you’ve ever done!

Your subconscious is incredible. It abandons all logic and thinks symbolically. It’s the gate connecting you to the world of the intangible.
So, get ready to delve into the world of your subconscious. This Tibetan test will reveal the truest version of yourself and your being.
It’s believed that this Tibetan test was put together by the Dalai Lama. When you are answering each of the questions below, remember to base your answers entirely on intuition, rather than looking for some logical response. Flow through each question with ease, picking the first answer that comes to you.

Grab a notepad and a pen and prepare to learn a lot about yourself!

Ready? Let’s get started!

Question 1 – Imagine there are five animals in front of you:

You see a tiger, cow, sheep, pig and horse. Now, line them up in front of you in whatever order you most prefer. Try not to take too long; simply write down whatever order you think is best for them.

Question 2 – Finish each of the sentences below using one adjective for each noun:

  • A dog is ________.
  • A cat is ________.
  • A rat is ________.
  • Coffee is _______.
  • The sea is _______.

Question 3 – Imagine five people who are important in your life:

For each of the five people, choose a color from the list bellow. You can only choose one color per person. Use your intuition and instinct.
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

So, what does all of this mean for you?

Let’s break each question down and look at what your answers mean.

Question 1 – How you set your priorities.

  • Cow – Career
  • Tiger – Self Worth
  • Sheep – Love
  • Horse – Family
  • Pig – Money
The way you ordered these things is, of course, indicative of what you prioritize in life.

Question 2 – Your attitude towards life.

  • Dog – Your personality
  • Cat – Your partner’s personality
  • Rat – Your enemies’ personality
  • Coffee – Your views on sex
  • Sea – Your overall life
The adjective you chose to describe each noun relates to your subconscious view of what that noun represents.

Question 3 – Your attitude towards other people.

  • Yellow – Someone who has impacted your life in a major way
  • Orange – Someone you believe to be a true friend
  • Red – Someone you love with all of your heart
  • White – Your kindred spirit
  • Green – Someone you will never forget.

So, how’d you do? How accurate would you say your results are? Did this Tibetan test show you anything about your inner being that you did not already know? Share with friends and family to see what their results are!

Source and courtesy: David Wolfe
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