Morning or Evening Workout, What is Better?

We all agree that working out is fundamental for a healthy life, but on the question what is better, morning or evening workout, we usually argue. Actually both of them have pros and cons so there isn’t any precise answer which one is better. Here are some pros and cons of both morning and evening workouts and it’s up to you to decide which one suits you better.

Morning Workout



As the morning workout would be the first thing you would do for the day it’s less likely to skip your workout, and we know well that consistency is very important for achieving better results. Working out later in the day however, can often be obstructed, for example, less motivation, an after work party, exhaustion etc.

Better for Weight Loss

Working out in the morning is definitely better when it comes to weight loss and burning more calories. The reason for that is that in the morning workout, before eating, your body will burn the fat as a fuel because of the lack of carbohydrates, or the depleted glycogen stores caused by the night fasting.

Mood boost

When exercising a great deal of endorphins are released into our brain. Once they react with the brain’s receptors, our mood is instantly lifted. By working out in the morning, you will make your day start more positive and energetic.


Early wake up

Obviously, waking up at least one hour earlier for doing your morning workout can be tough, especially in the beginning until you turn into a habit.

Slower start

In the morning your muscles are colder and less flexible due to the lower body temperature. This means you should be more careful and make sure that you warm up good enough before you start your workout in order to avoid any injury.

Stricter nutrition

Your energy level in the morning would be definitely lower because of, as mention before, the depleted glycogen stores caused by the night fasting. This means that you should not skip your dinner and make sure that it will provide you enough nutrients for working out in the morning, or think about a good snack before the workout.

Evening Workout



Both strength and endurance are higher in the evening. The reason for that is the protein synthesis which at that time of the day as at its peak. Thus, you will be able to perform more intensive workouts such as weight training or hard cardio.


Living the modern and fast-paced life can build you up a lot of stress during the day at office or class. The evening workout can help you blow off your stress and make you feel more relaxed.



Opposite to the morning workout, the possibility of skipping your evening workout is bigger. After a long day, sometimes you just want to go home, watch a movie and do nothing else.

Sleep disturbance

Working out increase your adrenaline levels, heart rate and body temperature. So, having an intensive workout within 1-2 hours before going to bed, may disturb your sleep.
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