This Technique Will Help You Block Out Mental Noise

Returning to my apartment after an unexpected trip to Zhengzhou, I felt certain that I was coming to understand a new world, one that seemed familiar and yet was utterly different. I was lucky to learn the ancient Buddhist technique, where the goal is to achieve a state of “non-duality” or “oneness” with the world – a unifying consciousness between self and environment.

Things as They Truly Are

With mindfulness we begin to see all possibilities, and ultimately not things as we assume they are, but as they truly are. It embraces the actuality of the mind, heart, body and our relationship with the world.
Though my surroundings were the same, my inner self had gone through a life-changing transformation. I felt fearless and incredibly powerful, while simultaneously feeling insignificant in a vast universe.

At the same time, as it often happens to us while changing places and time zones, I felt somewhat out of my element. Trying to classify and sort out new information that you’ve just finished absorbing on a basic level is never an easy task. In order to do it efficiently and productively, you need to have a clear mind, freed from any distractions. The goal is to create the maximum present moment awareness, which requires reaching an internal quiet place.

Get in Touch with Your Core

There is a technique that allows you to keep your emotions under control and get in touch with your core self. You will be able to come back to that content place during every meditation, as it will alleviate the triggers that so quickly throw our emotions out of balance. Be patient when learning to meditate. It may take several sessions before you can control your emotions—after all, focusing on negative energy does not feel good, but the change in self-confidence is worth the effort.
I would begin with brewing a cup of my favorite tea, letting the aroma spread through the room and sit in front of the tea table. Nursing the tiny cup in my hands, I inhale deeply and take the first sip, allowing the warmth to spread through my body.

That’s when these four simple steps come into play:
  1. Find a quiet room. This is important because the mind is constantly processing sensations and perceptions that contribute to mental noise.
  2. Keeping your back straight, sit cross-legged on a comfortable surface.
  3. Focus on your breath—breathe deeply from your stomach for a few minutes. Visualize negative energy as a red fire being released from your body as you breathe out.
  4. Count backwards from 20-0 (repeat 5 times).
I have embraced these meditative techniques and now I’m able to stay present and feel at peace, even on the bleakest days. They have brought me balance and a strong sense of self, and I am positive they will do the same for you. It’s your turn to try now!
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