What Alcohol Really Does To Your Brain!

The alcohol makes us do things we don’t usually do, and this is why people like consuming it. But you should be aware of how much and how often you drink because it can hurt your brain in ways you couldn’t imagine.
The conducted research show that the moderate drinking is just something healthy people do, and not something that makes people healthy.
How does the alcohol damage the brain?
The research was conducted on eight men and seven woman drinking alcohol from a straw while attached to an MRI scanner. The research showed that after only 6 minutes the blood alcohol level rise up to 0.06 percent that is against driving limits.
The brain starts to use the alcohol breakdown instead of the glucose for energy demands.

You can actually do something to boost the health of the brain.
  1. Exercise
You need to use different exercises to stimulate the brain and the nerve cells to release proteins such as neurotrophic factors, especially the BDNF ( brain derived neurotrophic factor) The exercises as well can produce the nerve protecting compounds, can greater the blood flow to the brain, can improve the development and the survival of neurons and can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke.
  1. Animal- Based Omega 3 Fats
The brain needs omega 3 fatty acids and the brain ( around 60% of it) is composed of fats 25% of which is the DHA( Docosahexaenoic acid). The DHA is found in the breast milk and that is why babies have higher IQ scores than those babies fed on formula.
The body doesn’t produce enough DHA on its own, and that is why the human brain needs food rich in this compound. If the brain has lack of omega 3 it is prone to inflammation and the nerve cells become rigid and inflamed and the neurotransmission from cell to cell is comporomised.
The alcohol is the one that takes the omega 3 from the brain and attacks it. So in order to help the brain you need supplements. It is best to use the krill oil and fish oil to compensate for the lack of DHA in the body.
  1. Sleep
Sleep is necessary for the regeneration of the overall body, the physical and psychological as well. The brain needs rest as well. Sleep helps the brain to function properly in improving the performance and challenging skills. It also stimulates neurons that are linked to memory and learning behavior.
A research showed that babies and children who slept between learning and testing sessions had better ability to recognize patterns in new information, signaling the memory and the cognitive department of the brain.
  1. Coconut Oil
The brain needs fuel such as glucose transmitted into energy. The insulin is usually produced by the brain itself.
When the insulin levels decrease, the brain needs additional fuel to function properly. If the need for insulin isn’t satisfied the brain can start to atrophy from starvation and with it lose the ability to convert the glucose to energy.
There is a substance that can restore and renew the neuron and nerve function in the brain called ketone or ketoacids. The ketones are found in the Coconut oil. Research showed that two tablespoons of coconut oil can supply the brain 20 grams of MCT, needed to prevent degenerative neurological diseases.
It is always best to start with smaller amounts and built up the amount slowly because everyone reacts differently to coconut oil.
  1. Vitamin D
Vitamin D increases the nerve growth in the brain and the hippocampus and cerebellum of the brain. These areas are very important for planning, processing information and formation of new memories.
This is why a baby needs Vitamin D from the first day it is born so that the brain develops properly and with it function properly.
  1. Optimize the gut flora
The gut is important because it sends information to the brain via the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve enteric nervous system. This is why it is important to maintain normal gut flora so that the brain can maintain its own.
The gut depends on your diet and your lifestyle. In that case you need to avoid processed food, sweet drinks and sugars. The best way to optimize your flora is to eat fermented food, probiotic supplements and breastfeed your baby.
  1. Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is important because the lack of it can reduce the cognitive mind, reduce the brain volume and brain shrinkage.
Vitamin B12 is important for the memory and brain health. It can reduce the risk of Alzheimer`s disease.
Blood tests for B12 aren`t reliable indicator and it is essential to follow the symptoms for its deficiency. Vitamin B12 can be found in seafood, beef, chicken, pork, milk and eggs. You can also take supplements that are non toxic and inexpensive.
  1. Listen to music
There is the thing called “Mozart Effect” showing that listening to classical music can make you smarter. While exercising you can listen to music and improve the cognitive levels and verbal fluency skills.
  1. Challenge your mind
Keep on learning. You can learn by traveling, learn to play a musical instrument or speak a foreign language. You can also use brain aerobics such as crossword puzzles, playing board games, thinking of names starting on the same letter etc.
Use the internet and your computer to improve your brain instead of passively watch and slow down the brain functions.
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