If You Regularly Wake Up Between 3-5am It May Actually Be A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

Having trouble sleeping is not a fun experience, especially when you wake up in the morning with a full list of things to do. Sleep is incredibly important to one’s health and mental well-being, so you want to make sure that you’re getting enough of it.

If you find yourself waking up at a certain time each night, it’s important to know that this could be a sign that the energies in your body have become stagnant. The different energy meridians throughout the body are activated at different times throughout the day, which makes it somewhat easy to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.

Here are the different possible meanings behind waking up at the same time every night or morning:

Difficulty sleeping from 9:00p to 11:00p
This is the most common bedtime for people around the world. If you’re struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep between these hours, it’s indicative of too much stress and anxiety still lingering the happenings of your day. The solution to this problem is practicing mantras that are positive, meditating, and doing wellness exercises designed to help you relax your body.

If you awaken from sleep between 11:00p and 1:00a
If you’re suddenly awake between these hours on a regular basis, it means that the energy meridian in your gall bladder is suffering. This meridian is tied to emotional disappointment, and you can help get your energies flowing again by practicing forgiving not only those around you, but yourself. Focus on accepting yourself for who you are and giving yourself unconditional love.

If you awaken from sleep between 1:00a and 3:00a
This energy meridian is linked to one’s liver. If this meridian is being blocked, it is because of anger. Calm yourself with a glass of cold water and begin to think about what has been causing your anger. Figure out why it is making you angry and then let it go.

If you awaken from sleep between 3:00a and 5:00a
This frame of time is quite important, as it can mean a few things. This energy meridian is tied to the lungs and feelings of sadness. Practice mindful breathing exercises and call to your inner self for guidance.

Awakening during these hours could also mean that your higher self is telling you to pay attention to any signs or messages coming your way. They are meant to bring you further into alignment with your higher purpose.

If you awaken from sleep between 5:00a and 7:00a
Awaking during these hours is often a sign that you are experiencing different emotional blockages. It is tied to our large intestine and can often be remedied by practicing different stretches or even using the bathroom.

Why are all of these important?
Sleep is a very complex part of human nature. It is during sleep that we often receive signs and messages from our higher selves as they try their hardest to right any wrongs and bring harmony to our lives. Dreams act as the messenger, so it is vital that you pay attention to your dreams and any struggles to fall asleep.

As we work on all of these energies and emotions, we slowly transform into higher versions of ourself. Eventually, we become the best version of who we can be, and we transcen http://in5d.com/is-the-human-race-ascending-to-higher-levels-of-consciousness/d to a new level of awareness. Your higher purpose will reveal itself slowly as you ascend through these different levels of awareness.

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