The brain is a vital organ with multiple functions, responsibilities and tasks and it works as a main control center. It can easily be damaged due to its delicate structure, and this can cause different health problems. The World Health Organization has discovered that these are the 10 habits that cause brain damage:
  1. Skipping Breakfast
You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there are still people who avoid it very often. After spending the night sleeping, without food, avoiding breakfast will deprive your brain from the nutrients it needs, and doing this regularly causes brain degeneration.
  1. Sleep Deprivation
Long term sleep deprivation accelerates brain cell death. Your brain needs to get rest from the stress and responsibilities during the day, so always make sleeping well a priority.
  1. Eating lots of sugar
You cannot always be aware of how much sugar the food and drinks you consume contain. Sugar destroys the ability of the body to absorb nutrients which leads to malnutrition and brain disorders. Therefore, avoiding sugar will provide your body and brain with great health benefits.
  1. Overeating
Overeating can be very dangerous as it leads to weight gain, bloating and most important – hardening of the brain arteries.
  1. Smoking
Smoking is one of the worst habits for the brain. It causes brain shrinkage and dementia-related issues including Alzheimer’s disease.
  1. Covering your head while sleeping
Depriving your brain from oxygen by covering your head while sleeping, increases the risk of inhaling excess carbon dioxide. Since you are sleeping you cannot feel the light-headedness caused by air deprivation.
  1. Air Pollution 
Try to avoid spending too much time in polluted areas because constant inhalation of polluted air causes oxygen deprivation for the brain and it affects its normal function.
  1. Working Your Brain During Illness
When you are sick your body is giving you a sign that you need to take some rest and that the brain is desperate for a break from everyday responsibilities. If you force your brain to work while you are sick you can cause brain damage and also reduce the brain efficacy.
  1. Talking Rarely
Talking is an activity that promotes brain growth and development, so engaging in intellectual conversations can be very beneficial for proper brain function.
  1. Lack of Stimulating Thoughts
Like talking, thinking also improves brain function and enhances your mind. The lack of stimulating thoughts causes brain shrinkage, which leads to decrease of your abilities and skills.
The brain truly is a remarkable organ, so instead of damaging it with unhealthy habits, try to learn how to develop it in order to get the most of what its’ capable of.
source and courtesy: dailyhealthgen.com
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