5 Things That Happen When You Stop to Wear Makeup on a Daily Basis

Have you ever tried to stop to wear makeup for a couple of days?

A lot of the time make up is applied not because the wearer actually wants to spend 20 to 45 minutes applying their makeup every day, and then topping it up throughout the day.
They do it because of social pressure. Having worked in the advertising industry, it was made apparent that how you looked and what you wore was just as important as your CV.
Makeup is seen as a way to improve ourselves. Think about it, feeling a bit low, put on foundation instead of a tinted moisturizer. Want to stand out? Wear a strong, bold lippy. Fancy a flirt, smokey eyes, and eyeliner. We wake up earlier that we need to, to wear makeup that sometimes we don’t really want to wear, so what happens if we don’t? We wear makeup to look nice, but, we are already nice!
The emotional side effects of stopping to wear makeup will make you feel invincible, but what about the physical effects? What happens when you stop?

1. Your pores shrink

Glory be, a cure for pores! When we wear foundation, blusher, and bronzer, small particles stay put in our pores, along with air pollution, these pores become bigger and clogged up makes them enlarged over time. Wearing no makeup, and cleansing regularly helps reduce the buildup inside the pores and therefore makes them shrink.

2. You have fewer breakouts

When we wear makeup, we are putting toxins onto our faces. These toxins clog our pores and cause inflammation which in turn leads to more breakouts. We then try to use more makeup to cover up these new spots.

3. Fewer eye infections

Most eye makeup contains something that can cause conjunctivitis as well as other eye allergies. Germs are spread by sharing makeup, so you might want to rethink letting your friend borrow your mascara. Eyeliner can cause some significant damage to your eyes too. You can actually damage your cornea when you use eye makeup, by scratching it when applying mascara or eyeliner.

4. No more dry skin

Makeup interferes with our skins natural processes, including cell renewalEspecially if you don’t take your makeup off before going to bed. Dead skin remains on the skin if you don’t remove your makeup before bed, which leads to dull, dry skin. This is why it’s also important to exfoliate your face once a week.  When you don’t wear makeup, your skin doesn’t have any residue left over, and it doesn’t then interrupt cell regeneration. This means your face is naturally hydrated and vibrant.

5. Few allergic reactions

There are lots of nasties found in make-up including parabens, sulfates, and metals, and all of these are not good for us. These nasties can cause skin allergies. Something known as contact dermatitis is caused by these nasties found in makeup and can leave you with red, dry patches on the skin, and more seriously you can break out in hives.
If you can’t quite manage to quit makeup altogether, give your face a couple of days break a week and you will definitely see a difference, as well as have a little more sleep and generally feel a lot healthier.
source and courtesy: lifeadvancer.com
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