5 Things To Always Keep Secret

There are things which are always best kept to yourself. Telling about them, even on Facebook — however much you want to — can’t bring you anything good.

Here is a list of 5 of the most crucial things we should always, I mean always, keep secret.

1. Your plans and your goals in life.

If you share these, those around you will confuse you by offering other points of view, while you are surely moving towards your goals. We are all different from each other, and you won't get the same advice from everybody. Don't listen to everybody else and don't let your courage to be worn down. Walk towards your goals and know what you are doing; everybody will hear about your success, anyways.

2. Wealth

You might be wearing a Lacoste wrist watch or donning ray ban shades, it’s best if you keep the secrets of your family wealth to yourself. You don’t want to be the one giving treats to your friends every now and then. Nor will you want to seek unwanted attention from strangers. What if you get robbed on the street or burglars get in your house. You have an expensive smartphone and flash it around in your circle. It feels good to have repute in your group but it is not wise to make others aware of your wealth. Money can corrupt friends and relatives. Millions of people around the world dream of making lots of money. If you have it, feel good, don’t go and brag about it. People are going to be jealous then they will be around you all day.

3. Your Lifestyle

Certain details about your personality such as; your sex life, religious life, overcoming a bad habit, etc. are not of any concerns to the world. It’s not worth it to put your emotional conditions out to all. Expecting appraisals from people is not necessary

4. Do not boast about generosity and benevolence

The biggest advantage of doing something good is being silent about it. When someone finds out, they will appreciate that you are doing it from the heart. So, when you brag, you come out as arrogant. You know what kind of opinions circulate around the stars who have gold on when posing for pictures with poor skinny children. Exactly.

5. Do not talk about family problems everywhere

If you have problems in a relationship or family, it is best to talk about it with people concerned – a partner or family member. If you do not see the possibility of a dialogue, ask for help from a professional or a trusted friend. Resolving the problem will not be helped by spreading rumors and telling stories all over.

source and courtesy: truth-code.com
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