5 Ways To Stop Overthinking Everything

Overthinking it Won’t Change Anything

Thinking and planning your life is normal and should be done by everyone…but what happens when we start obsessing over the little things or get in our head?
We start self sabotaging.
Overthinking and over analyzing situations can ruin not only our positive outlook, but even our ability to navigate a situation.
I would know…I struggle with overthinking everything!
I’ve found these 5 tips help me a lot to let go of that mental chatter…

1. Recognize not everything can be controlled.

Usually, we like to control nearly every aspect of our lives. It feels good to be in control. It makes us feel secure.
Over thinking or over analyzing is a form of trying to control a situation by coming to a solution or not failing.
But the real truth is that security and control are an illusion…and more importantly, no one that is respected or admired got where they are without failure.
So let go! Not everything can be solved, and you can’t always prevent failure.

2. Imagine yourself in the future.

Lots of little things in life can distract us from seeing the big picture. It’s so easy to get caught up in minor details.
If you’re over thinking something, then imagine yourself 3-5 weeks down the road…or even 1-2 years down the road.
Is that situation still just as important as it is now? This will help you figure out if something really is worth your time and energy.

3. Shift out of fear.

Fear is the ultimate tail spin. When you dwell on fear, suddenly everything starts to unravel and you get caught in a mental rut.
Regardless of whether or not your worst fear is realized, does it do you any good to dwell on it?
If it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t matter…if it does, there’s nothing you can do. Either way, it’s out of your hands. Let go!

4. Step out of the situation and get space.

Often when I’m stuck thinking about something, it’s because I’m so wrapped up in it I can’t see out of it.
But as soon as I take a step back and get distance, I can see that my mental space didn’t necessarily match the situation.
There is a saying I have always loved: “Environment is stronger than will.”
That’s why when you get some space from whatever’s going on, you can start to see the truth of it.

5. Do yoga.

Maybe it sounds weird, but I’ve found exercising and moving my body is one of the most effective ways to get out my head and into the present moment.
It almost forces you to be present…because you have to be focused on what you’re doing.
When you do yoga or even just exercise regularly, your ability to detach yourself from a situation is vastly improved, because you’re so focused on something else; it suddenly dawns on you that you can be outside that situation and survive.
source and courtesy : sivanaspirit.com
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