The mother is still reading the SMS, which kills her 16-year-old son. Had she come home only 30 minutes earlier ...

When Amy Briggs of the US state of New York speaks of her son Daniel, sounds her pride out: A boy with a big heart who wanted to help and always took care of his cancer-stricken neighbors. But the 16-year-old is no longer alive. Daniel killed himself. For 9 years he was tormented day after day by his classmates to the death - insulted, pelted with garbage, pushed against the bus. But it was a terrible SMS with content that eventually broke the camel's back. Daniel saw no other way out. Each syllable is full of pain when his mother talks about what her son was all done and how they finally found him. But Amy Briggs has something important to say:

About 4 million people, the video with the story of Daniel's terrible fate saw. At the appeal of anyone grieving mother against bullying can pass without a trace. 
Share this heartbreaking video, because this message must not remain unheard. 
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