These People Live For 120 Years, Look Twice As Young And Haven’t Been Sick For One Day: HERE'S THEIR SECRET

Their living habitat is called ‘The oasis of life’, and these are their everyday habits which bring them the elixir of youth ad health. The Hunzakuts are an old nation of people, prospering on the border between Pakistan and India, and these same people have been known for a magnificent longevity of about 110-120 years.

They are almost never ill, and thanks to their genetic system, they always look young. They are a true example of what an ideal life really is. The Hunza people bathe themselves in ice cold water at temperatures reaching 15 degrees below zero and have children even when they are 65.
During the summer, they eat fresh vegetables and fruit and when winter comes they consume die apricots, corn and sheep milk cheese. There is a time when the Hunzakuts eat nothing, a period known as ‘starving spring’. The name is derived from the fact that during this period fruits are not ripe yet, so they only drink dried apricots juice. This period lasts 2-4 months and is considered a cult in their history.

Their protein intake is brought down to minimum, taking 1933 calories per day out which 50g are proteins, 36g are fat and 365g are carbs. Many visitors in this exquisite area have all concluded that the secret to their long lives is the healthy nutrition.
Experiments as proof
The Scottish doctor, Mac Harrison, has conducted an animal experiment right upon returning to England. He gave one group normal food of average London-based families composed of white bread, herring, refined sugar, canned food and cooked vegetables. As a result of such nutrition, many animals have suffered several human diseases.
The second group of animals has been fed the Hunzakuts food and remained in perfect health. In 1984, a Chinese magazine has described a very interesting event. One member of the Hunza people, named Said Abdul Mobuda, had confused all employees in the Department of Immigration by showing them his passport. He was born in 1832 and was 160 years old. He was considered a protector of the Hunza folks and had memory of events dating from 1850.
The book ‘Hunzakuts- people who do not know of illness’, by R. Bircher points out the basic characteristics of their nutrition, claiming they are essential for a healthy life:
‘The vegetarian nutrition is based on large amounts of fresh groceries, dominated by fruits and vegetables, organic products without additional chemicals and groceries which are prepared in such way that all their biological characteristics are preserved.   Alcohol and sweets are on the list of rarely consumed ingredients- instead, a regular period of starvation is enforced.’
In 1977, at the International Congress for Cancer Diseases in Paris, experts announced that ‘According to the geocancerology (a science which explores cancers in different regions of the world), a total cancer-free zone is only noticed in the Hunzakuts.
For these people, walking 100-200 kilometers a day is the same as it is for us to walk around the house. Also, their constantly smiled faces and excellent moods only enhance their well being, both physically and mentally.
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