They Call It "Cancer In A Can." This Is One Of The Unhealthiest Products You Can Buy

When Pringles potato chips first came on the scene, they were marketed as being healthier than regular potato chips because the oil content wasn't as high.

Their commercials would show a paper towel with regular potato chips on it that was soaked in oil, compared to a paper towel with Pringles on it, which had very little oil residue on it.

The commercials were very effective and Pringles quickly gained popularity. Besides less oil, the cans they came in also made them more easy to take on picnics, etc., because the packaging kept the chips from crushing. Pretty smart!
As it turns out, Pringles are not as healthy for you as the manufacturer would like you to believe. They aren't made just from potatoes, but from a combination of dehydrated potato flakes, wheat, corn and a plethora of additives.

And, research has shown that some of the additives found in Pringles are toxic and known carcinogens!

Research has also shown that the by-product Acrylamide, which is caused by cooking at high temperatures, is the most dangerous substance in this popular chip. Acrylamide has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals.

It's also harmful to the human nervous system. And, Pringles chips contain more than the recommended level of Acrylamide.

The moral to this story is to always read the ingredients in any food you buy. If the food contains anything that you can't easily pronounce or you've never heard of before, do some research.

Avoid buying pre-packaged food that has more than a few ingredients and opt for "real" food like fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and organic choices when available.

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