9 Toxic Habits You Need To Avoid

Staying positive isn’t always easy, especially in difficult situations. But there are several habits and behaviors that may be sabotaging your efforts. Recognizing these negative thoughts can help you put an end to self-inflicted negativity.

To keep a positive mindset, here are nine toxic habits you need to avoid:

1. Taking Things Too Personally

Sometimes you can’t help but get your feelings hurt by other peoples’ words or actions. But taking everything personally will constantly bring you down. It’s important to remember that what others say and do is a reflection on them, not you. If someone around you is constantly hurting you, it’s probably time to cut them out of your life.

2. Being Judgmental

Judging others on their appearance, gender, social status or anything else is toxic behavior. Being judgmental is almost always an indication of a problem within us, not the other person. Judging others invokes negative thoughts and behavior.

3. Holding On To Pain

Letting go of pain or loss is never easy. But it’s the best way to move on. The longer you hold onto pain, the more it will negatively affect your thoughts and emotions. Find a way to work through it and release the negative thoughts that you’ve been holding on to for so long. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, and you’ll be able to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

4. Being Jealous Of Others

Being jealous of other people robs you of being able to appreciate your own blessings. Jealousy is an unproductive and wasted emotion. If you admire someone for their success, set your own goals that will help you work harder for what you want. Working toward your own goals will allow you to be sincerely happy for those around you.

5. Playing The Victim

Constantly complaining and playing the victim can negatively affect every aspect of your life. It can wreak havoc on your relationships, your work life and your sense of self. Life happens to all of us. Things pop up unexpectedly. The way we choose to handle them makes all the difference. Stop looking at yourself as a victim. Instead, realize that you have the power to overcome any situation with a positive mindset.

6. Being Cruel

People who are cruel lack empathy, respect and compassion for others. Being cruel to others is indicative of inner issues. Unfortunately, cruelty is one of the biggest problems we face in the world today. It’s never productive or acceptable.

7. Lacking Self Control

If you don’t practice self control, you’re setting yourself up to make poor and irrational decisions. You might lash out at others who don’t deserve it and give way to other impulses, no matter how harmful they may be. Self-control is a valuable tool that’s necessary for making good decisions.

8. Trying To Impress Others

The sooner you learn that you don’t need to impress others, the sooner you will open yourself up to living a positive and authentic life. Being true to yourself is what matters. Stick to your morals, live your passion, follow your dreams and respect yourself enough not to let others bring you down..

9. Acting Immorally

Lying, cheating, stealing or any other kind of deception is toxic behavior. Almost every time you choose to act immorally, someone else is susceptible to getting hurt. We all face temptations, but being strong enough to make the right decision can help keep your conscious clear and your thoughts positive.
source and courtesy: David Wolfe
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