10 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not Healthy and You Must Not Ignore It

The human body is an amazing “machine”. It is the only machine that repairs itself after a trauma or when it gets infected. However, like any other machine, the human body can only take so much. It sends signals to tell you when enough is enough. I would always tell patients to “respect pain”, meaning, your body is telling you that it needs to stop and recuperate.

We must learn how to recognize the signs that our body sends us. This list covers 10 signs that indicate a possible health problem and a condition that we should not ignore.

1. Eye White

Your sclera or the white part of your eye should always be white. Apart from insufficient sleep and colds, the appearance of your sclera can squeal severe problems in your body.  Yellow white may indicate jaundice, liver or gall bladder issues. Red white may be a sign of hypertensiofaces or viral diseases like conjunctivitis.

2. Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are triggered by temperature changes and wind. But, if your lip ends are often cracked and you have inner sores or mouth ulcers, you probably lack vitamin B and zinc. This is a common sign of fungal infections as well.

3. Gray hair before the 40s

Graying is a natural phenomenon and it is often a matter of genetics. But, if your hair is 50% gray and you are in your 30s, you are possibly dealing with diabetes. Check if there are similar cases in your family history.

4. Birthmarks

Most moles are harmless and benign, but some of them can be pretty dangerous, especially those that appear as a result to overexposure to sun. Senile and actinic keratoses triggered by sun and UV rays are considered as pre-cancer skin changes.

5. Nail Changes

Nails can really tell you much about your health and the causes of their changes vary. Specific diagnoses may be made from characteristic appearances. A white nail could be a sign of liver diseases, such as hepatitis, while red nail beds could be a sign of heart disease. It is very surprising how much a medical practitioner can tell just by looking at your nails.

6. Swollen Neck

If your neck is swollen consult your doctor as soon as possible. Pay special attention to the front part of your neck, because it may indicate thyroid problems that are especially common in women aged between 20 and 50.

7. Red Palms

These occur as a result of dermatitis, eczema or even allergic reaction to metal, drugs, food or drinks. Red palms are often a sign of excessive labor or liver problems.

8. Red Faces

Sudden changes in the face are common in women aged between 30 and 55. They are caused by hormonal changes, temperature changes and hot food. Rosy cheeks are often a sign of rosacea, a chronic skin disease that affects women. The cause of this disease is still unknown.

9. Loss of Eyebrows

Eyebrows become less frequent as you grow old, but sudden hair loss may indicate thyroid problems, hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid or hypothyroidism or poor thyroid function. These issues are often accompanied by hair loss.

10. Cold Feet

The feet are the farthest part of the body from the heart and any cardiovascular disease is first manifested in them. Raynaud’s disease is an autoimmune condition that tightens vessels stronger than normal in the hands, toes, nose and ears, which is why they are often cold, pale or numb.
Now that we know what to watch out for, we have to be responsible for our own health and well-being. Share this to your loved ones, family and friends so that they, too, would be aware of them.
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