Spoon Massage: Incredible Effects Only In 12 Days !

Every woman when reaches her 30ties should start taking care of her face, regularly. As we grow old the skin elasticity starts to weaken and the subcutaneous tissue becomes more expressed. So if you want to protect your youth and beauty than this great massage with spoon which is recommended by the cosmetician and doctor Rene Koch may help you reach that aim.
Why this treatment is so effective? The answer is very simple. In the comfort of your home you may make your tissues throw extra liquids and improve blood circulation, firm your skin, improve its elasticity, reduce the visible wrinkles and return the contour of your face. Without any expenses. If you use this massage every day in 10 to 12 days you may get unbelievable results.
The massage technique is very simple. All you need are two spoons, glass of cold water and few ice cubes and a small pot with heated essential oil by your choice (olive, almond etc) or your favorite face cream. Then follow the procedure according to the following scheme.

  1. Remove the make up from your face, wash it and put moisturizing cream. In mean time disinfect the spoons with alcohol and leave them in the pot with water and ice.
  2. Put the cold spoons on the upper eye lids. Hold it for several seconds and repeat this 5 times. Change the cold spoons with the warm ones. Do the same in the area under the eyes. With this you will get rid of the swellings on the lids and the dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Then put the spoons in the heated oil or apply your face cream in order to start the face massage. Press gently on the face lines.
  • On the forehead from the upper part of the nose towards the temples and the line where your hair grows.
  • On the eyelids with circle movements on the inside angle and then back to it.
  • On the cheeks from the nose to the temples.
  • On your neck from its beginning to the chin.
Repeat every movement at least 10 times. When the spoon starts moving more difficult on your face than you should reapply oil or face cream on it. After the massage wash your face with warm water. Optimal duration of this massage is 10 min. But you should start with 1 to 2 min and increase the time by 1 min in order to reach 10 min on the 10th day.
This massage may be done as much as you want but the results will be the best if you do it in series in 10 to 12 days without interruption.

source and courtesy: luxurywayofliving.com
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