Rid Your Life Of These 5 Poisonous Types Of People

We’ve all run into toxic people in our lives. Toxicity and negativity are everywhere, there’s really no escaping it. Even doing something as simple as watching TV can open the flood gates and allow toxic, negative information to flood your senses. Toxic people do what they can to control you, and if they can’t do that, they try to control how other people perceive you. It’s important to be able to identify this toxicity and stay away.

There are different types of toxic people that you can come into contact with. Some are easy to spot, and some are more subtle, which makes them difficult to avoid. If you want to know who in your life is toxic and who isn’t, here are five different types of toxic people you need to stay far away from.

1. The Time Wasters

Toxicity comes in many forms, including time wasting. Toxic people have a way of devaluing your time, even though you’ve made it clear that you have things you need to do.
They might call you knowing full well you have an important appointment, or they might try to keep you around despite needing to be somewhere else.
Set boundaries and be firm.

2. The Criticizers

Constructive criticism can be helpful at times, but constant criticism serves no other purpose but to bring you down.
This is because toxic people tend to have a low self-esteem and need to make themselves feel better by pointing out another person’s faults. Don’t let these toxic people bring you down.

3. The Indifferent People

You can’t force another person to care about you or your feelings. Although they may not do anything to you actively, it’s what they don’t do that matters.
These people are hard to get rid of because they force you to make a tough decision. If your caring feelings aren’t being reciprocated and a person feels indifferent, this is toxic.

4. The Negative People

Negativity is both toxic and contagious; you can’t afford to have someone in your life who is constantly looking at the negative side to things.
It’s been proven that a positive outlook on life can produce positive results, which means that a negative outlook can do just the opposite. Don’t surround yourself by people who can’t see the good in a situation.

5. The Victims

When someone plays the victim all the time, it can get old, really fast. These people will make up stories that force you to see them in a sympathetic light, and they’ll do it consistently. These people also refuse to take responsibility for their actions, pushing the blame on somebody else so that they look innocent. This is immaturity in its purest form; don’t let it affect you.

source and courtesy: Daily Vibes
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