Save A Life With THESE Two Ingredients!

Usually we take care of our body and our health. The priority is to stay healthy. But sometimes we eat and do something that we shouldn’t do and consume things that are not healthy and good for us at all. So if this happens often to you, don’t worry there is something that you can do to help your body to detoxify itself quickly and get you back on the right path for living healthy life.
We are sure you already know about the turmeric and that it is the most powerful antioxidant around. It can be used as a spice and as a root, similar like ginger. The turmeric is often used in the Asian food and in the Indian food, but after we found out its benefits, it is often found in our food as well.
A lot of people don’t know that the black pepper can also provide many healthy benefits as well. The peppercorns come from piper nigrum, an evergreen vine that produces white, green and black peppercorns.
The black peppers need to be picked before they ripen and left to ferment. The peppercorns are left to be dried until they become wither up and turn black. Almost all of the black peppers come from India.
Combining Black pepper and Turmeric and the benefits from the combination
We all know how much benefit we can receive from consuming black peppers and turmeric separately, but the combination of these two is extremely beneficial.
The turmeric has low level of bioavailability that can become a problem. Meaning, the curcumin in the turmeric when ingested will be metabolized before it is absorbed. The chemicals that are found in the black pepper is the piperine.
This piperine in the black pepper helps the turmeric by making the curcumin more bio available. This has been proven with many studies.
The reason for this to happen is that the piperine can inhibit the digestive enzymes found in the intestine, helping to increase the quantity of any type of supplement that is absorbed through the body.
So, this only shows the benefit of this combination. The turmeric alone can metabolize the nutrients before they are used in the body. And the combination with the black peppers can actually improve the utilization of both spices within the body.
Black Pepper and Turmeric – the health benefits
Here are some of the benefits from this perfect combination:
  • Pain reduction: the compound piperine in the black pepper can activate the production of TRPV1, reducing the pain
  • Anti-inflammatory: the turmeric with the help of the curcumin can help treating ulcerative colitis, arthritis and many more inflammatory conditions.
  • Preventing Cancer: there have been studies that show both the black pepper and the turmeric can help against breast cancer. These spices actually inhibit the growth of mammosphere formations that are causing breast cancer.
Just try to add the black pepper to the turmeric in your regular diet and see how it can improve your overall health.
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