12 Laws of Life That Are Actually True Even If You Don’t Believe Them

Newton’s third law reads as follows: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” But this concerns not only physical phenomena. In fact, the same thing occurs in our everyday lives. When we think, say, or carry out an action, we bring into action a force that will answer us in exactly the same way.

We would like to share with you 12 laws of life that can help you become happier and more confident in yourself.
Whatever we create in this universe, it will always bring it back to us. So if we want to know love, real friendship, and happiness, then first of all we have to love those close to us, be a good friend, and strive to make others happy.
The key to a harmonious internal life is to be independent from the outside world. To achieve this, you need to be yourself, as well as surround yourself with those people and things that you love and want to see in your life.
We cannot change a situation until we accept it. And if all we see in someone is an enemy, then that means that we aren’t yet orientated toward accepting a more elevated mode of existence.
The main task for us in this world is to change and grow as individuals, and not necessarily to focus on the multitudes of people we’ll encounter but never really know in this life, or to obsess over the place where we live and the technology we use. The life and time that is given to us is all that we have.
Life is like a mirror. When something goes wrong, that means there’s something wrong internally within ourselves as well. We should, therefore, take responsibility for it and not search for guilt among others.
Even if what we do seems to be of no consequence, it’s actually important that we do it because everything in this world is interconnected. The first step cannot be more important than the last, and vice versa, because they’re both crucial to completing a task.

You can’t think about two things at the same time. If you’re searching for something important, then there won’t be any space left inside you for anger or greed.
We truly understand and accept only that which we have comprehended in practice. If we believe something to be true, but we aren’t ready to prove it, that means that we have only an opinion, not knowledge.
Unearthing the past and obtrusive dreams about the future distract us from what’s happening in the present. Old models of behavior, as well as old dreams, can impede our path toward something new.
History will repeat itself until we extract lessons from it that can change our path. One cannot repeat the same actions and expect different results.
Any reward demands the input of a great deal of effort, and true joy in life comes from laboring persistently in the knowledge that sooner or later we’ll achieve our goals.
We receive only that which we deserve. The true value of something is equal to the energy and strength which we expend trying to obtain it. But only he who loves to give to others is capable of receiving something inspirational.
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