Learn How To Read People

For centuries people have been trying to read a person’s character only by looking at their face. The ancient Chinese believed that the face is the mirror of the soul. In medieval Europe, beauty was considered a virtue, while ugliness was a sign of evil. In the 19th century, they started (ab)using phrenology to help identify criminals.

Even though modern science widely discredited this once popular idea, we still judge and assess people by the looks of their faces. 

Supposedly, there are a hundred points on the face that can help analyze a person’s character, but we’re going to mention only few of them. 

1. The shape of the face

People round faces are widely considered to be caring sensitive and emotional. They’re big dreamers and enjoy stable, long lasting relationships.
People with oblong faces are really practical and methodical workaholics. They’re usually athletic and fit, which sometimes makes them a bit egotistic and causes problems in their relationships.
square face is usually associated with fire, so these people can often be aggressive, ambitious and prone to giving orders. They’re determined and possess a sharp analytical mind.
The triangular shape of the face often goes with a slender body and intellectual superiority. Chinese face readers associated this shape with creativity, sensitivity, and fiery temper.

2. Eyes

They say the eyes are the mirrors of the Soul. So what are your eyes saying about you?
Big, expressive eyes with a sparkle have a slight advantage over the smaller eyes that suggest introverted and mysterious nature.
Calm, steady eyes, concentrated on observing, are a  signal of a strong, stable and persistent character.
On the country, eyes that easily and mischievously wander off,  are associated with restless character and inconsistency in habits.
Unevenly set eyes indicated the person is able to see things from a different perspective and is prone to analyzing everything.
If the eyes and eyebrows are directed upwards, this person can be an opportunist.
Heavy eyelids who make people look sleepy and drunk, even though they haven’t taken alcohol, suggest a person with strong libido especially if they have fuller lips.
Cold and calm eyes imply a stringent person.
Deep blue color means that you are a socially open person, but at the same time you are a gentle and sensitive being.
Light blue eyes suggest that the person probably enjoys flirting with the opposite sex.
Deep green eyes are a sign of high energy and inventiveness.  It’ll take you a lot of time to adjust to how spontaneous and lucid these people are. In their presence you will need to sharpen your intellectual skills.
Chocolate brown eyes  have people who come from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. This particular color shows how much passion they have and how much they love social life. Their passion usually goes with loyalty and dedication, and such a person will work hard to ensure the comfort of their family. Brown eyes are also a sign of generosity.
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