14 Habits You Need To Give Up Right Now If You Want To Live A Happy Life

All of us want to achieve a lot many things. But how many of us are willing to do what it takes. Here are a few things one MUST sacrifice if they seek happiness and abundance:

1. Sitting down to relax is a lot different than spending your most precious years in front of the TV. Make sure that you are not wasting important parts of your life becoming a couch potato.
2. Thinking too much about the past has never done anyone any good. All it does is make your present miserable and your future uncertain. You need to learn your lessons from the past and then let it go and move forward with your life.
3. Never victimize your own self. If you are in the habit of always playing the victim, you might actually end up having no other recourse. Start taking responsibility of your own life and don’t let things just happen to you. Take charge of your own self.
4. Harboring grudges towards others only gives them more power over you. Stop harboring feelings of resentment towards others, it only shows you down. Forgive them and move on with your own life. This might sound like giving up but in reality it only empowers you.
5. Stop procrastinating. If you always keep postponing things, you will never be able to catch up. And how are you supposed to get ahead in life when you cannot even catch up with doing the bare minimum. Stop making excuses and start doing what is needed.
6. Stop talking about others. Gossiping is a waste of breath and doesn’t enrich you in any way. It wastes your time and doesn’t reflect too well on your integrity too.
7. Take control of your health. Stop opting for the easier and the unhealthy options. It is okay to indulge for taste once in a while but you cannot keep stuffing yourself with unhealthy food.
8. Start looking at the bigger picture. Unless you know what you want for yourself in the future, how are you going to prepare yourself for it? Think of your long term plans and start working on them.
9. Stop making excuses for yourself. This relates to point 3 too. If you will always be explaining away your shortcomings how will you ever learn from them? And if you do not learn, how will you improve?
10. Stop being stubborn. You need to learn to explore things which challenge you. Nothing productive grows in your comfort zone. Unless you are ready to face new challenges you will not be able to fully utilize or understand your own potential.
11. Stop trying to be perfect all the time. Sometimes it is more important that you just show up, instead of showing up perfect. Know that nothing can be entirely perfect and in seeking perfection you might be missing out on other important aspects.
12. Let go of people who bring toxicity and negativity in your life. They do nothing but drain your energy and they never add to the quality of your life. You don’t owe anything to anyone and so don’t hesitate in cutting off such people from your life entirely.
13. Stop trying to please everyone. It is simply not possible that every single person would like you. This is another waste of your precious time and energy.
14. Stop holding yourself back from things that you really want. Stop worrying about everything that can go wrong. Instead focus on what will happen when it goes right. Start chasing your dreams actively. Instead of thinking about them passively; try to turn them into reality.
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