Laws Of Abundance – The Riches Of Love And Joy

We all know the familiar saying “Money cannot buy happiness”. This is very true! Although we may dream of having an abundance of money and what we would do with it, if that dream actually came true most of us would still be left feeling unfulfilled, as if something is still missing from our lives.

We may not be able to become rich in terms of money, but we can all become rich in love, prosperity of well-being, and joy. One way to do this is by connecting to the laws of abundance or our own root of happiness, something that lies within each of us. How is this done? Well, it is fairly simple. Choose to be happy!

Practice makes perfect

Even if you do not feel happy, or do not feel as if you can simply decide to be happy, you can practice happiness. Make conscious decisions every day to choose to be as happy as you can be. Pick positive things to say about yourself, choose positive thoughts, and eliminate old patterns of negative, depressing thoughts. The more you do this, and the more effort you put into it each day, the easier it can be to actually become happy. Yes, you can practice being happy to become happy! What a wonderful concept.

Meditate your way to joy

More laws of abundance include meditation, which can help you on your journey to becoming rich in love and joy. It helps you learn to focus, it boosts beneficial chemicals and hormones in the brain, and it changes the patterns of brain waves from ones that have a negative effect to ones that have a more positive effect on our state of mind, physical well-being, and ability to focus and learn. The self-discipline that is learned through meditative techniques can be very beneficial in other areas of life also. Meditation can also help you get better rest and improve overall energy levels, which is beneficial enough in itself.

Learn to love yourself

Getting in touch with your inner self and practicing happiness can help lead you to know your core self, who you really are, what you really want in life, and what will bring true fulfillment to you. Once we learn to love ourselves, then loving others and having others love us will come much more naturally. If you do not have love or respect for yourself, how can someone else be expected to love and respect you in return? Everyone deserves to have love in their lives, and everyone deserves the ability to love themselves as well as others. We as fellow human beings can sense in each other when something is not right, whether consciously or subconsciously, and we naturally react to these things that we sense.

Give yourself what you deserve

Do you know what you deserve? Do you feel like you deserve less than you have? Part of learning the laws of abundance and how to love yourself and finding happiness is allowing yourself to know and believe that you do indeed deserve good, positive things in your life. Until you get in touch with who you really are, you may have negative thoughts that convince you to believe that you do not deserve to be happy, or you do not deserve to be loved. You may feel like you are not worth someone else’s love, attention or respect. You must believe that you do deserve these things in order to find true happiness, peace and joy. In order to get to this place within, you will have to allow yourself to face your fears, to feel them, embrace them, and then realize they are holding you back, and let them go.
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