3 Symptoms You Are In Danger Of A Spiritual Illness, According To Shamans…

Let us begin by talking about who Shamans are…

Well, Shamans are healers who possess a very high consciousness level. They have the ability to see things that are beyond us and they understand everything in terms of the bigger picture. They have extremely useful healing powers; so much so that they can even tell the physical problem that the person is suffering.
Isn’t that amazing?
This is basically because Shamans are able to look at the things that are going inside the person who is in front of them. Thus, they are able to see beyond reality and within a person. They believe that most diseases occur because ailments affect us from within; thus disease isn’t outside of us, it is within us.
You must always take professional help when you are unwell, but when all else fails, Shamanism can come to your rescue. Here are three symptoms that Shamanism believes to be signs of some inner spiritual illness which will surely manifest itself physically:

1. Fear influences you:

As we all know, fear is an unsettling feeling. Fear makes us insecure and fear is usually beyond any reason. If you feel that fear is taking a deep seat within you, don’t let it because if fear begins to influence you, it is a clear symptom of spiritual illness according to Shamans. They believe that fear can damage the spirit so much that the repercussions will also come on our physical being. Also, it is difficult to counter fear because of its irrational nature. All you can do is, try to make yourself more secure and calm and try to deal with your fear and confront it. Don’t hide from it, fight with it and you are sure to win against your fear. This is extremely important for your spiritual well being.

2. You have lost faith:

Well, we live in times when it is easy to lose faith. But the person who holds onto faith even in the toughest of times is surely stronger and is spiritually growing. It is important to have faith as faith fulfills you and completes you. But, if you feel that you are in a situation where you have lost all your faith, it is time you evaluate the reasons behind this and work on yourself. Restore your faith in the universe and you will find yourself filled with positivity and hope. You will surely lead a better life if you have faith to hold on to. So, don’t go into an existential crisis because of every problem you face. Have faith, good things will happen for you.

3. Neglecting yourself:

If you feel that you are in a place in your life where you are neglecting yourself, this is certainly not good. It is not good because this reflects that you are unable to prioritize what is most important; which is you, yourself. Yes, you are extremely important and only when you will take care of yourself; you will be able to give affection, love and care to the world. So don’t neglect yourself and if you feel that you are doing so, try to realign your priorities and schedules and take out some time just for yourself so that you can focus on yourself and become a better person every day.
Lookout for these three signs of spiritual illness!

Beat them before they try to affect your physical wellness.

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