4 Signs That Show Healing Is What You Need To Move On In Life

I have realized one important thing over these years, that all of us need some kind of healing. This healing may be on a psychological, emotional or a spiritual level. But all of us need it to move on from the things that affected us in the past.

We need to move past relationships that hurt us; that made us feel as if there is no tomorrow. We need to leave past people who didn’t care enough to stay with us; who just broke our heart and left us bitter and crying. We need to!

We need to take care of ourselves. 

But one of the biggest reasons why healing doesn’t happen is: that we deny the fact that we need healing. Living in denial results in us not recognizing the fact that as long as we don’t realize we need healing, our life won’t change. So the first step is accepting that all of us need healing at some level or the other. After this, everything will seem easy. I assure you!
If you feel you don’t need healing, here are 4 signs that prove that you may need healing:

1. You think your life is full of negativity:

Well, all of us sometimes feel that our life is not going the way we wanted; that we are meeting the wrong kind of people; that we cannot ever be happy. It is okay to have a pity party for yourself sometimes but if this feeling of negativity and pessimism becomes an overwhelming part of your life, it is time to heal yourself. Negativity is a vicious circle which won’t help you achieve the things that you want to achieve because you will not be able to realize your purpose if your life is full of negative thoughts. So, if your life is full of those I-can’t-do-anything thoughts, it’s time to heal yourself!

2. When all you do is overthink:

If you spend most of your time fighting fights with people in your mind and thinking of comebacks, then sure you are an overthinker. Overthinking is extremely dangerous because it comes at the cost of your present happiness. When you overthink, you choose to spend the present moment by thinking of things and events in the past and what you miss is that the past is a lost territory. So, if you will continue to ruminate about it, nothing in your life will change or move forth. So, if you are overthinking, you need healing!

3. If letting go is becoming hard for you:

Letting go is hard for all of us. This is usually because all of us assume that the thing or person that we are letting go is the best that can happen to us. The reality is actually very different. By not letting go, we continue to stick to something out of which no new learning will happen. This means that the part of your life that you have to let go, is the part of your life that isn’t contributing to your growth and betterment in any way. If you are finding it hard to let go, this is serious; you need to heal yourself!

4. When you just don’t want to lose control:

It is a human tendency to want to control things and events around you. All of us want things to happen the way we want them to happen. We want to define things around us and not the other way around. But, the truth is that we have to accept the fact that we don’t have any control on the events and things that happen to us. Yet, if you find yourself not able to lose control, there is some part of you that certainly needs healing.

 Nourish your soul and heal yourself!

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