5 Signs Of An Energy Vampire Who Kills Your Time And Sucks Your Energy Dry

It is of crucial importance to protect yourself from energy draining people who are better known as Energy vampires.

When you were young, your parents must have taught you to stay away from strangers- “Stranger Danger”, but while growing up, we forget this and then we become an easy target for energy vampires.

If you want to achieve your goal and work with your maximum potential then you need to learn to preserve your energy. You have to stay away from the energy sucking people who are always on the lookout for unaware people.
Here are some tips for you to protect your energy:

1. Check Who Is Calling

People who drain your energy will call you at odd hours, this puts your attention towards them and this drains your energy. It is best to keep your phone on silent during your productive hours.

2. Value Your Time

Energy suckers value only their own time, they will always come late and will put the blame on you for the delay which is caused by them. Some people may have the tendency to get late without any reason, but if you are one of those people then always remember to make up your delay with a warm hug and a coffee.

3. Always In Trouble And You Are The Only One Who Can Help

When you lack energy, you always find yourself in trouble. It’s good to help people out from their troubles, but it is a bad idea to do that every single time. Some lessons are learned in life only after dealing with the difficult situations all by yourself .

4. Asking For Help

Energy suckers are always reluctant to help others, and even if they do, they will always ask for an even bigger favor.

5. Boring people

You’ll find that people who are low on their energy level are boring and unsocial. These people just drag their lives. Stay away from them.

Have you ever encountered any Energy Vampire? Please share your experiences with them with us.

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