Clutter Can Be A Reason For Anxiety: Removing 20 Items Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

In the world of consumerism, where we are told at all times that we need more stuff, it is very easy to be swept away by such arguments.

Often we find that we are ourselves consumed by the act of consumption itself. Remember the last item you bought, Was it necessary? Often these unnecessary purchases end up chunking up a lot of space in our houses and in our lives.
In this Article, you’ll find out about what to throw out and why is it important to do so.

Decluttering improves attention

In a study conducted by researchers from Princeton University, it was found that people who were in a compact environment, filled with stuff were not able to maintain their attention span for long. The reason behind poor attention span is due to the overstimulation of our visual cortex, this thus prevents our brain to work efficiently.
This can also result in delayed attention and response time. If you feel disturbed and frazzled when the things in your house are not in order, then you are not the only one doing so. It is psychological and thus a part of normal human behavior.

Decluttering as a form of Stress-relief

Some people do find joy in the act of cleaning itself, but here the implication is different. As a lot of clutter can make your mind disturbed and can cause a condition of stress. Thus decluttering can help in managing the stress levels.

Minimalism as unfiltered joy

Minimalism works on the idea that ‘less is more’. Minimalists try to restrict themselves to a very few number of tasks and thus perform only the tasks which give them maximum returns.

How to declutter your home in order to declutter your life?

The list I am providing below is not objective, one can have some small variations of their own. The list talks of all the potential things that you might want to do away with.

Throw away the things that you do not need:

Your Bathroom:

  1. Old Toiletries like gels which can be replaced with the natural products.
  2. Dried up Nail Paint
  3. Old bath mats (These worn- out mats contain hell lots of germs)
  4. Old air fresheners (make sure you do away with the old aerosol cans which are lying purposelessly in your house).
  5. Old Makeup (your old makeup kit might contain some things that have dried out. Make sure to throw them out!)

Your Living Room:

  1. Newspapers (If you are not reading it on the day of its delivery, then it will just be laying around your room forever).
  2. DVDs (Do you even remember the last time when you popped your DVD to watch something).
  3. Old toys of your kids (donate those toys to the kids who need them)
  4. Old batteries
  5. Furniture Manual (It’s practically useless after the initial installation)

Your Bedroom and Wardrobe:

  1. Worn out sheets and bedding.
  2. Old unused hangers
  3. Scarves (which are not worn from past 1 year.)
  4. Old dresses
  5. Stockings with runs (you can’t save them).

Your Kitchen:

  1. Extra cooking utensils.
  2. Unused coffee mugs
  3. Old spices
  4. Old Shopping bags (Do not keep more than 5).
  5. Magnets (Not all have sentimental values!).
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