17 Qualities That Real Empaths Carry

An empath is a person who can actually put themselves in another person’s shoes. Rather than just sympathizing with their emotions, they can actually feel what someone else is feeling as if those feelings are their own. Read the list below to see if you are a real empath.

1. You are often tired

It’s hard to deal with the emotional onslaught an empath has coming in from every side. Empaths needs to let go of the extra feelings they end up shouldering every now and then.

2. You know what it’s like when someone else is hurting

Empaths can actually absorb the emotional state of another person if you know what I mean. It can be an intriguing experience if you are a true empathy.

3. You are always genuine

There’s no point trying to be someone you’re not and empaths know this better than anyone. They won’t change themselves for anyone.

4. You are ready to support even your worst enemy

Kindness is deeply ingrained in empaths and they extend it even to those who have hurt them. They’ll do what they can to help at all times.

5. You listen and you listen well

If someone is talking to them, an empath will pay attention to every single detail. They do this because they are also able to connect to the emotions the other person is going through as they speak.

6. You are ready to give at all times

Like I said earlier, empaths are always kind. They’re ready to give all that they have if someone else needs it because that gives them more joy than anything else.

7. You are the one others come to for advice

Everyone is naturally attracted to empaths because of the warmth in their vibration. So whenever they have issues, they’ll turn to them first.

8. You avoid noisy situations

As empaths are easily startled, they try to stay in calm environments. They get very irritated if their surroundings are too loud.

9. You detest liars

Lies are the one thing that empaths can never forgive. Anyone who lies to them will lose them forever.

10. You try to stay away from confrontation

The inherent kindness in an empath makes it difficult for them to be in a confrontation. But this doesn’t mean they won’t do it if it is necessary.

11. You don’t like crowded places

Since empaths are always taking in what everyone around them is feeling, it’s hard for them to deal with a crowd because then it becomes a struggle to not get overwhelmed.

12. Your sensitivity is heightened

This is because empaths are extremely vulnerable to the feelings others are going through. Don’t worry; it is not a bad trait.

13. You are extremely intuitive

Empaths can sense the vibrations coming from the people around them so they have a great sense of intuition. They can see past any insincerity.

14. You impart excellent wisdom

Those who have problems should go to empaths because they’ll point you in the right direction. However, they won’t force you to listen to them so the choice is up to you.

15. You always have much to think about

With all the emotions they have to process, empaths always have plenty to analyze. They won’t show it outside but you can be sure their wheels are turning.

16. You can’t deal with situations that upset you

If there’s bad news floating around on TV or on social media, it will stress them out completely. Due to this, they generally avoid technology.

17. You find it hard to concentrate

With all that they’ve got going on in their heads, empaths are easy to distract. But if they actually concentrate and work they excel.
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