What If You Meet Your Soul Mate, But It’s Not The Right Time

We all want love. Everyone deserves love and also to be loved. Some people find their partners easily and some have to go through a lot of trouble before settling down.

The troubles include heartbreaks, depression, jealousy, and obsession. In our span of life, we meet many people and they help us to fulfill different purposes of life.
But when a soul mate enters our life unexpectedly then he or she helps us to grow piously. This is caused by the instant attraction that two people have when they see each other and no one has any control over it.
Dating can be very intrinsic at times. You would think that you are meeting the right person and have finally found your soul mate. But little do you know that fate has a different plan for you. You have to turn every pebble and you have miles to go before you actually meet the right person for yourself.
It requires a lot of patience and you must have the strength to endure a lot of emotional trauma. Finding your soul mate is not an easy thing to do but then again, he or she would not be worth it if they were so easy to find.
Being in a relationship for a long period of time doesn’t necessarily mean that the present partner is your soul mate. It may happen that your relationship has reached a point where it isn’t a relationship anymore but just a drag.
Maybe you are too afraid to leave your partner as you think that he or she is the best that you can do. But you need to have faith in yourself and not believe that you deserve any less. All your previous partners did was just divert you from the wrong path and put you back on the right track.
Love is one of the strongest emotions that a human being possesses. Sometimes love is required and sometimes it is unrequited. We don’t always get what we want or desire and sometimes we just have to deal with the fact that certain things are not in our destiny.
However, we can always love someone even if they don’t love us back. It is called loving someone unconditionally. But unconditional love does not mean that everything has to be accepted unconditionally. Have faith in yourself and just follow the path that you think is right.
We often want the love from people who don’t want to love us back. But that person cannot be our twin flame even if your world seems to be amazing with that person around. Twin flames always reciprocate to each other and would want to share all that they can.
It takes a lot of courage to love someone unconditionally. The inner mastery of unconditional love can only be achieved when one can provide for oneself and doesn’t need anything from the person he/she loves. It requires a high level of bravery, maturity and complete faith in love.
It also may often happen that you have met your soul mate but you both do not realize it. Then the game of cat and mouse begins.
This can happen because of a lot of emotional issues or because your soul mate is not free yet. All the negativity and obsession that one has for the person he loves must be removed in order to make way for the positive energies.

A person must try and connect with the soul of the person he loves. You must not give up and always keep your hopes high in order to reunite with your twin flame.

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