‘Diabetes Mellitus’, commonly known as ‘Diabetes’ is a quite familiar term these days. Isn’t it? Actually, this illness befalls when there is excessive sugar in your blood. But, we need a certain amount of sugar as well. Why? Because they produce energy… It happens as follows… Your body breaks down carbohydrates into sugar and transports them to the cells through the bloodstream to get the use of them. It is the duty of insulin, to move glucose from the blood into the cells. If someone has diabetes he or she never worries about ozempic price, because that his body doesn’t compose insulin or doesn’t react to them properly.

To have a better clue of something, we need to dig into the root cause first. That been said, let’s take a look at the causes of diabetes.

What are the causes of diabetes?

Reasons for you to get victimized differ according to its three main types.

  1. Type 1 diabetes

You can possibly get this type of diabetes when your immune system destroys insulin in your body. We discussed the importance of this hormone earlier. This can happen due to genetic conditions or environmental factors.

  1. Type 2 diabetes

This, the commonly seen type is developed due to unhealthy lifestyle or genetic conditions. You are in the red list of being a victim of this type if you are overweight, obese or physically inactive. Apart from that, genetic conditions can also cause this. If you are overweight due to genetic reasons, you can develop this condition through that as well.


  1. Gestational diabetes

You might get this health condition during your pregnancy. This happens because of certain hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, genetic reasons or lifestyle factors. Women develop insulin resistance when they are pregnant. You can overcome this if your body produces enough insulin otherwise you get this kind of diabetes.

Do you know about the signs of diabetes?

 Now, how can we surely know if we have this disease?

Few commonplace red flags of diabetes are:

  • always thirsty

You get thirsty when your body needs fluids; when you are dehydrated. If you are feeling unusually thirsty, it means that you are dehydrated. Fluids are required for transporting sugar. When your body doesn’t have enough insulin too much sugar build-up in your body and they tend to pull out fluids (water) from tissues to mix with and get transported. This leads to dehydration.

  • cannot leave the bathroom

This comes as a result of drinking water more often due to the reasons we explained earlier. When glucose pulls out more water you tend to urinate more. Your body removes excessive sugar with urine.

  • Increased hunger

Do you get hungry even though you eat enough? The reason is you cannot procure energy from glucose when you have diabetes.

  • Fatigue

You get tired and feel fatigue because you don’t have enough energy.

  • Blurry vision

You can develop this condition when your blood sugar level is extremely high.

  • Weight loss or gain

As we explained earlier obesity can result in diabetics. When you eat too many carbohydrates, excessive sugar gathers in your body.

 Sometimes you may experience an unexplained weight loss even though you eat well. This happens when you have type 1 diabetes. You lose weight when your body tends to break other energy sources; fat and protein to produce energy.

Diabetes Diet

You need to be active and eat healthy foods to say goodbye to diabetes. You must eat more nutritious foods and minimize eating foods that contain fat and calories.

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