How to practice Buddhism? – Lead beginners to the path of philosophy

 Buddhism is not only a religion; it is interpreted as a philosophy. It has initiated around 2500 years ago followed by chanting and spiritual practices of Lord Buddha. The pathway of Buddhism is to show the way for a moral life, to be mindful and conscious of thoughts, actions and finally develop deep understanding or wisdom. If you are interested to learn how to practice Buddhism and, you can to start with basic concepts and practices. Then you will gradually move to spiritual development stages one by one.

How to practice Buddhism? – Basics of Buddhism

This can be abridged mainly as four noble truth and the noble eightfold path.

First noble truth is life suffers. That is we are getting old, diseases, hurting and finally death. But, Buddhism clarifies ways to avoid suffering.  Second noble truth is caused by suffering is craving. Third noble truth is putting an end to craving and suffering. Fourth noble truth is path guides to end of suffering. Way to wisdom or enlightenment is based on these truths.

The eightfold path includes right view (know the reality), right intentions (free your mind of evil), right speech (speaking without lies, hater or abuse), right action ( work for the good), right livelihood ( Respect life), right effort (resist evil), right concentration ( practice Buddhist meditation) and right mindfulness (control your thoughts).  The Dharma wheel or the dhaemachakrya represent this concept. The summery of the eightfold path is morality, meditation, and wisdom.

Apart from above, a concept practiced so far from the Buddhism origin is five percepts. That is refraining of harming the living, taking not given things, sexual misconduct, lying and having intoxicating substances. Those are considered as main guidelines followed by Buddhists daily.

In every cause has an effect is a law, described in Karma. That is each and every action has a result. It emphasizes the one’s past or future depends on the Karma. Buddhism always uses the middle path.

More about the teaching of the Lord Buddha…

The teaching of Lord Buddha can understand to anyone. The answers to our problems are with us. In order to gain solutions to our problems, clearance of mind is essential. To learn Buddhism you have to start from basic practices. Buddhist meditation is an activity on mental development and guides the road to enlightenment. Classically it is called as “Bhavana”.

Several types of meditations techniques practicing in Buddhism, such as mindfulness on breathing, calm abiding or cassation and insight or contemplation. The basic of meditation technique ones can start, is breathing mindfulness. It based on feeling sensation caused by breathing, which is concentrating mind only for inhaling and exhaling. There are numerous Buddhist meditation apps which are suitable for your modern busy lifestyle.


Lord Buddha has mentioned not only to follow his words true, but test his teaching and understand deeply. For the new beginners looking for how to practice Buddhism, can accomplish by starting it in a way that unique to you. It can be fulfilled by knowing the deep of four noble truth, noble eightfold path, and meditation etc. Doing meditation you will observe never expected calmness of your busy mind.

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