If You Can Solve This Puzzle In Under 1 Minute, Your IQ Is Over 150 And You’re An Actual Genius

The Internet never runs out of clever ways to test views and pass time, but this test is certainly a grade above. Not only has it been shared a staggering three million times but it has an amazing claim.

If you can identify the hidden pattern in the numbered rows, you will set yourself apart as a technical genius with an IQ of 150.
This test has been passed around heavily already among the web. So far, on average, two-thirds of the testers between 85 and 115. Only 5 percent have scored above 125!
If you think you got the answer, and want to see if you are the mental cream of the crop, watch the video below. MindYourDecisions YouTube channel reviews and verifies the correct answer. If you got it right you’ve just gained gloating rights for a decade!
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