Are you killing your relationship without even meaning to? These habits will let you know. If you resort to any of them regularly, you might be killing your relationship without even meaning to. Don’t get on that boat – save your relationship prematurely by being cautious of these.

1) 1. Passive aggressive attitudes

Do not ignore how you feel. Do not assume they will understand what you are saying. You need to speak clearly, truthfully and passionately. Passive aggressive attitudes never got anybody anywhere in life, so don’t start resorting to them now.

2) 2. Verbally questioning your love

Don’t question the relationship or compare your lover to another. If your partner and you are in love, you will show that. You will express your love and it will be meaningful and you won’t need to hide behind a curtain of disdain. Comparing your significant other to another person or verbally questioning your love for them will only worsen matters and make them feel insignificant. Some things can never be un-thought, and questioning the love of your partner is one of those things.

3. Bringing up the past

Don’t bring up the past when you’re arguing about the present. If something happens, deal with it when it happens and don’t revisit it. By comparing their past mistakes with what is happening now, you’re not fixing anything but merely breaking them down worse. Don’t be that person that holds grudges in a relationship. It’s toxic and nobody can actually be in a healthy relationship with somebody who does that. You love and you live and to do either you need to learn to let go of the past.

)B 4. Buy their love

Just because you fought doesn’t mean that diamond ring is going to make up for it. Sure, flowers help ease the tension but putting a Band-Aid over a wound only stems the blood. The scar will still be there. You need to talk about the problems in your relationship or they will become wounds that continue to re-open.

5) 5. Talking in absolutes

This is a big one for many. Telling your partner that he never does something you ask him to do, or that she always does something that irritates you, makes them feel as if they are never going to be enough for you. Don’t allow that thought into their mind. When you fight, talk about what is happening in that moment. Don’t make them seem like they never do anything right or they will question why they are in a relationship with you… or question why you love them. It is a damaging road to go down.
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